Top 10 Most Popular Cell Phones Right Now

, Top 10 Most Popular Cell Phones Right Now

Top 10 Most Popular Cell Phones Right Now

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Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones tend to dominate our list of the most popular cell phones at any gives time, with other tech forward devices from LG, Google and Motorola accounting for the rest. Check out our list of the most popular iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and other Android phones below, along with a breakdown by carrier. 

The cell phone market is a relentlessly competitive field, with manufacturers constantly trying to outdo—if not simply keep up with—the tech innovations of their rivals. The two biggest players in the field are, of course, Apple and Samsung, so it’s not surprising that our list of the most popular cell phones is largely made up of their devices. 

However, deals and special promotions run by cell phone carriers mean that other models from the likes of Google, LG, Motorola, and others are sometimes flung into the limelight. 

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Most Popular Cell Phones

As mentioned, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy flagships tend to dominate our list of the most popular cell phones, and this month is no exception. The world’s two biggest cell phone carriers have a veritable lock on the top positions, with their cutting edge—and frankly, beautiful—devices. 

Most Popular iPhones

Apple shepherded in the smartphone revolution with the iPhone, and continues to lead the pack when it comes to forward thinking design and functionality. The latest models have been selling like hotcakes, and account for the most popular iPhones this month.

Most Popular Samsung Galaxy Phones

Where Samsung goes, the cell phone industry follows. Time and again, the innovations introduced in Samsung’s Galaxy devices have been emulated by competitors, from edge-to-edge displays to wireless charging to forward-thinking camera technology. Samsung remains the best selling Android brand. 

Other Popular Android Cell Phones

As dominant as Samsung and Apple are, there are a litany of other brands making cutting edge and smartly designed cell phones. Google’s Pixel series, LG’s G series, and Motorola’s various models have earned favor with throngs of users, and are some of the most popular Android devices this month. 

Most Popular Cell Phones by Carrier

Most folks buy their cell phones from carriers—especially from the “Big Four” (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint). You’ll find a variety of cell phone deals and promotions from these carriers at any given time, which helps shape their respective lists of popular devices. 


Verizon is the biggest cell phone carrier in the U.S., and also wields the best network coverage. These are the most popular devices sold by Verizon this month. 


AT&T is constantly nipping at Verizon’s heels when it comes to subscriber numbers and network reach. The most popular devices from AT&T this month include: 


T-Mobile may market itself as the “Uncarrier,” but make no mistake, the company is as much a corporate behemoth as the other two carriers mentioned so far. You could worse than signing up for a device installment plan from T-Mobile—and here are the most popular T-Mobile phones: 


If any major cell phone carrier can be labeled an “underdog,” it would have to be Sprint. The company is constantly thinking up ways to wrestle subscribers from the other three heavyweights, and this usually comes in the form of steeply discounted plans and phone offers. Here are a few of the popular devices from Sprint this month. 

Most Popular Cell Phone Plans

Now that you’re all caught up on which cell phones people are searching for, it’s time to check out the most popular cell phone plans. We take a look at the most popular postpaid and prepaid plans across all carriers and then dig a little further and look at the most popular plans from each of the major carriers—AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. 

Much like the most popular cell phones, cell phone plans increase in popularity when carriers run special deals, like BOGO or 50% off deals. 

What Makes a Great Cell Phone Plan?

To answer this question, we need to take a step back and understand what people are looking for in a cell phone plan. Do they want more data? Do they want a cheaper monthly fee? Do they want better handset options? Here at WhistleOut, we report on what our users are searching for in a cell phone plan—the results may surprise you.


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