Best 10 Gadgets for College Students: 2020 Trending

, Best 10 Gadgets for College Students: 2020 Trending

Best 10 Gadgets for College Students: 2020 Trending

Are you done with high school already? It is a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Starting a new life and no matter how incredible it feels, it comes with more responsibilities. It is a transition period in your life. Your life is getting faster and busier; you may not find a lot of time to do what you used to do in school. However, there is nothing to scare you out; it is just a brand new life that you ought to enjoy every minute of it. We are glad you came across this article.

Following are the top gadgets you are going to need that are different from school gadgets. Tech devices became an essential part of our daily lives, and our academic life doesn’t exclude them. So, check out the best gadgets that will make your college life much easier.

1 Kindle Fire 7

We know how boring it can be to write every single word and have a pile of papers to read. Not to mention how hectic it gets carrying your stuff every single day to your classes. Save yourself the trouble and opt for a new technological trend as Kindle Fire 7. No physical pain anymore; you have all your courses readings in that small device. Besides, you won’t go through the hassle of forgetting an important note or paper. Download your books on this little device and save some extra cash. You can also download lots of educational apps to help you through your academic journey. One more thing about Fir 7 version, you can download and use Netflix on it. Yes, quite interesting.

2 Portable Hard Drive

No, this gadget is not one to discuss having or not. Because, what could be worse than losing a something-thousands-word essay before the deadline? Nothing, right? Since this is one of all of the college students’ nightmares, we have put it on the list as a gentle reminder. You need a portable hard drive where you back up your work on a regular basis and use it when life isn’t so kind to you with your assignments. Opt for ones with large storage space, especially if your courses have lots of media projects.

3 LED Desk Lamp

You know those small hours when you want to get things done, but you don’t want to disturb your roommates? Well, get yourself a small LED desk lamp; it is quite small yet efficient.  It will add that final finish to your desk space and help you do your assignments with ease. Above and beyond, they come in different colors, so go for the one that suits you best and adjust the brightness according to your need and comfort.

4 Portable Photo Printer

Well, this may not be a necessity in your academic life, but it surely is important for remembering the good times and saving them for later. This printer lets you instantly have your photos in a hard copy. You can even decorate your dorm room with your favorite pictures. Besides, memories are the best things you have when your journey is over. So, you wouldn’t want to miss them out. How does it work? The portable printer has Bluetooth to connect it either to your phone or tablet. You can even edit your photos before printing them out.

5 A Smart Notebook

Here is another smart invention that gives you the best of both worlds, a smart notebook. You can handwrite your notes as traditionally as it always has been. However, you can still upload your handwritten notes to cloud-based programs like Dropbox or Google Drive to save them. This happens through the specialized ink that you use while writing. It also allows you to organize your stuff.

6 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Dormitories are amazing places to stay while in college. It is the place where you create a whole lot of amazing memories and get to meet people that are going to stay as long as forever. Well, the only downside of such places is the noise that is too hard to ignore when you need to get things done before an approaching deadline, right? In such tough times, you are going to need headphones that are made specifically for canceling out any noise and help you focus. No more distractions, they are all blocked out with that pair of headphones from heaven. Now, get your work done with ease.

7 A Coffee Machine

You know what? 8 am lectures suck. We all have had those times when we headed to classes with puffy eyes and the unwillingness to listen to whatever is happening in there. But, we can’t skip those early classes; they are important. Besides, heading there with a sleepy head is no different from skipping the class altogether. For that, purchase your coffee machine before college life. Coffee will help you wake up; above and beyond; it will save you a great deal of money and time. Well, heading to Starbucks before your lecture means having to wake up extra early or risk being late. And, you get to spend a lot of money on a daily basis. No need for all this hassle; get that machine, you have enough reasons to do so.

8 USB Laptop Backpack

We all need to keep our devices’ batteries alive forever, but, unfortunately, this is not possible if you don’t take the needed precautions. Our cell phones and laptops are vital during college life. We use them to contact our families as well as get our academic duties done. So, they are important all day long. Thank goodness for all the amazing inventions the world has to offer, we now have a USB Laptop Backpack. It has a built-in USB charger in which you can keep all of your devices charged while on the move. There are also spaces for packing where you can put your important textbooks or meal boxes. Besides, there is no need to fear that your stuff may get snatched while on your back. There is an anti-theft pocket in the back that prevents anyone from taking things away.

9 Burrito Maker

While there are a lot of things to enjoy while being in a dorm in college, you better prepare yourself for some downsides. Life in college is hasty and hectic. You barely find time for yourself or your health. Well, you will spend long nights binging on many cups of noodles and fast-made sandwiches. Thus, we recommend that you invest in a nice burrito maker so that you can have either an energetic breakfast or a late-night delicious meal. It is not that expensive, but it is surely a great option to consider before heading to your college life. You won’t regret it; we promise you that.

10 Surge Protector

Before you assume that 12 sockets are a little too much, no, they are not. There is a lot of electrical equipment that sits in every single dorm room. Besides, you are already heading to your new room with too many electrical devices. And, it is safe; so you won’t blow a fuse, ever.

There might be more essentials that you need before starting your college life. However, those are the top picks that we believe are going to be of great practicality and versatility. Most importantly, remember to enjoy every moment and cherish those times you spend with your friends. We don’t get those times a lot after graduation. Good luck!


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