15 Websites To Download Nulled Scripts, WordPress Themes & Plugins

15 Websites To Download Nulled Scripts, WordPress Themes & Plugins, Vectribe

15 Websites To Download Nulled Scripts, WordPress Themes & Plugins

Which are the best websites to download nulled scripts, nulled WordPress themes and nulled WordPress plugins? Well, there are many websites over internet offering nulled scripts and nulled WordPress themes and plugins for free.

Few of the websites ask for a small fee either during registration on their website or they charge for the nulled scripts directly.

WordPress is the largest content management system powering almost 40% of the websites, you will find tons of WordPress themes and plugins available on the market.

Some of the basic wordpress themes and plugins are free and most of them offering good features are paid.

Since most of the people don’t want to invest in these paid wordpress plugins and themes, they go for the alternative and search for nulled WordPress themes and plugins.

Similarly, you will find lots of companies offering website scripts and clone scripts. You need to invest a huge amount to buy these scripts.

Again the best alternative to go for these scripts is to download and install nulled scripts.

Offering nulled scripts are a billion dollar industry and I will justify my statement further in this article.

You will tons of websites over the internet offering these nulled scripts, nulled WordPress themes and plugins. Most of them actually don’t null them and just download from other websites and host them on their own website.

In my recommendation, you should never go for these nulled scripts and nulled wordpress themes and plugins. The reason I will tell you later in this article.

In fact, instead of going for these nulled wordpress themes and plugin you can check out our deals section for some special discount.

If the plugin you are interested is not listed you can contact us and we will surely try to contact the plugin provider for some extra discount for bloggersutra readers.

If you have still made up your mind to use nulled website scripts or nulled wordpress themes or plugins for your website then go ahead.

Here is the list of best website that are offering these nulled scripts and wordpress themes for free…

Nulled Scripts

Here is the list of websites that are offering the nulled scripts for free. Check out our list.

  • https://www.nullwebscripts.com/
  • https://www.thememazing.com/
  • https://nulled.temphow.xyz/
  • https://mahthemes.download/
  • http://codenull.net/
  • http://codenull.in/
  • https://null-24.com/
  • http://www.themelock.com/
  • https://www.jojo-themes.net/
  • https://scriptznull.nl/
  • https://nulledfactory.com/
  • http://nullrip.com/
  • http://www.nulled-scripts.xyz/

Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins

Here is the list of websites that are offering the nulled wordpress plugins & themes for free. Check out our list.

  • https://www.nullwebscripts.com/
  • http://nulledwptheme.com/
  • https://www.thewpclub.net/
  • https://www.thememazing.com/
  • https://nulled.temphow.xyz/
  • https://www.filejunction.xyz/
  • https://nullclub.com/
  • https://mahthemes.download/
  • http://codenull.in/
  • https://null-24.com/
  • http://www.themelock.com/
  • https://www.jojo-themes.net/
  • https://nulledfactory.com/
  • http://nullrip.com/

The above is the list of websites that are offering nulled scripts, nulled wordpress themes and plugins. You can download from them and use them.

Please scan you nulled scripts and nulled wordpress themes and plugins online with virustotal before you install them on your server of Xampp.

All these nulled scripts, themes, and plugins are for the testing purpose, you should always try and buy the original version instead of nulled.

Let me tell you now why you should avoid using nulled scripts and nulled wordpress themes and plugins.

Why Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins

Previously int his article we have mentioned about the various website from which you can download nulled scripts, nulled wordpress themes and plugins.

But we have also mentioned that all these nulled theme and plugins should be used for the testing purpose and not on the live websites.

We highly recommend you to use the original wordpress themes and plugins instead of nulled ones.

Before we go ahead with the reasons to avoid nulled wordpress themes & plugins, lets first understand what are these nulled scripts, theme and plugins.

What are Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins

Nulled WordPress themes and plugins are pirated copies of paid WordPress themes and plugins distributed unethically on the internet.

WordPress themes and plugins are licensed under GPL. This gives them the authority to redistribute these nulled items.

Redistributing these nulled wordpress themes and plugins not only cause a huge loss for the developers but most importantly it compromises the security and integrity of websites using these nulled WordPress themes and plugins.

This nulled plugins and themes are often the reason for a website getting hacked.

Let’s go through the various reasons because of which you should avoid these nulled scripts, WordPress themes, and plugins.

1. Privacy

WordPress nulled themes & plugins have malicious code hidden within them. These codes are hard to detect and can steal information from your website and pass it on to the dark web.

Your user’s security will also be at stake and their personal information like email, mobile numbers and passwords will be compromised, especially in case of you are running an online store or membership website.

The website can be easily hacked and will these nulled WordPress themes will open a backdoor entry for hackers.

These kind of hacks are hard to detect and may go unnoticed as your WordPress site keeps functioning normally.

I had once used a nulled WordPress plugin on my website, but I was lucky to get it detected by Malcare security plugin (Read Malcare Review).

We recommend you to use malcare wordpress security plugin to protect your website from hackers and Blogvault to online backup your website (Read Blogvault Review).

2. Bad for SEO

Pirated wordpress themes and plugins can destroy your website SEO completely. They can not only reduce your search engine ranking but sometimes you have to create the complete website from scratch.

Nulled wordpress themes & plugins can insert spam links to your website and even redirect your users to bad websites.

The codes in the nulled scripts are in such a way that it can’t be detected from naked eyes. However, search engines can easily figure them out and penalize your website by dropping your search rankings or de-indexing your website completely.

3. Website Security

Nulled scripts are extremely dangerous for your website security. They are known to carry malware hidden within their script.

The malicious code can spread across different files to disguise itself which makes it hard to detect and fix when your website is hacked.

The malware will not only affect the ranking and SEO of your website but can also de-index your website completely from the search engine.

4. No Access to Updates

Nulled wordpress themes & plugins are coded in such a way that they don’t have access to the server of the theme or plugin provider.

Thus the theme provider can not authenticate the license for your website. Since the authentication is disabled in nulled scripts, they can not download the updates from the server automatically or manually.

If the wordpress theme and plugins are not updated regularly they can malfunction and even compromise your website security.

5. Support

Since you have not bought the license for the product and using nulled wordpress themes & plugins you will never get access to the direct support from the developers.

The developers are spending lots of time in creating the tutorials and resolving issues of their clients. In fact, after the various issues faced by the users, they update their wordpress theme and plugins with required patches.

If you are using nulled scripts you will never get access to these patches and as a result, your website will start misbehaving.

Malfunctioning of these nulled wordpress themes can give a bad user experience and decrease your search engine ranking.

6. Documentation

The plugin developers regularly create the documentation and tutorials as per the request of their clients. These documentations help you to do the optimum utilization of these wordpress themes and plugins.

If you are using nulled wordpress themes & plugins, you will never get access to these documentations and ultimately it will affect your website.

These documentations can only be accessed by the paid clients, so avoid nulled wordpress themes and plugins.

7. New Features

The developers regularly introduce new features for their wordpress theme and plugins as per the user requirement and competition with other developers.

Using nulled WordPress themes and plugins will never let you get access to these new features and your themes or plugins will get obsolete after some time.

8. WordPress Compatibility

WordPress developers are working day and night for improvement within wordpress. They keep on releasing the latest wordpress version with new and features and security patches.

With the changes in wordpress versions the wordpress themes and plugins developers also have to make the required changes to make them compatible with current wordpress version.

If you are using nulled themes & plugins you will never get the access to the updated version of these themes and plugins and they will not work as they are supposed to do.

It may create some security issues to your website thus making them prone to hacking.

9. Discourages Innovation

The companies are poofing lots of money for development and innovation of new wordpress themes and plugins. The ultimate source of income for these developers is from users buying these themes and plugins.

Using nulled wordpress themes & plugins will discourage these developers from developing new innovations, as the financial assistance required for the development is narrowed.

9. No Free Alternatives

There is no reason for anyone to use nulled WordPress themes and plugins. No matter which WordPress theme or plugin you choose, there is always more than one suitable free alternative available for them.

Most of the developers offer the free version of their premium themes and plugins for the users to get the hand on it. Although the free version does not come with the complete features compared to the premium version.

For WordPress themes, take a look at our expert-pick of the best free WordPress themes that are just as good as a premium theme.

If you start using these nulled wordpress themes and plugins then it will create an abundance to the free alternatives.

10. Legal Issues

Most of the wordpress plugins & themes are open source, however, few of them comes with a mixed license. ie some part of coding is under copyright protection and can’t be distributed.

nulled wordpress themes & plugins will let you breach the copyrights, this may lead to legal proceedings and you will land up in paying a huge amount to the lawyers.

Wrapping Up

I think I would have convinced you to avoid using nulled themes and plugins on your website. In fact, you can get them at discounted prices on our deal section.

These nulled wordpress theme & plugins will not only breach the security of your website but will take you to the legal complications.

If you want you can download nulled scripts & nulled wordpress themes from the website mentioned above. but these nulled wordpress themes & plugins should be used for the testing purpose and should be avoided on live websites.

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