Top WordPress Hosting Services September 2021

, Top WordPress Hosting Services September 2021

Top WordPress Hosting Services September 2021

Most Commonly Asked Questions About WordPress Hosting Services

WordPress is the most popular website content management system (CMS) and publishing platform in the world.  It can be easily installed on almost any commercial web host that’s available to consumers today, making it easy to set up and run your own website.  But not all web hosts are created equal. Some specialize in WordPress Hosting and offer affordable service plans for consumers to do just that. Below, we’ll explore some of the best hosting services for WordPress sites that are available today.  


What Are the Best WordPress Hosting Services?

When you’re evaluating different WordPress hosting companies, you need to look at factors like how they work, what features they offer, storage, bandwidth, and costs.  This will help you find a host that gives you real value for your money and lets you do whatever you want to do with your WordPress-based website.


Let’s take a look at 8 of the best WordPress hosting services, and see how they compare:



BlueHost has a lot going for it and is widely considered to be among the best WordPress hosting choices.  They offer domain name registration, SSL certificates, 24/7 support, and a simple, one-click WordPress platform installation.  All of this comes at an incredibly low cost, $3.95/month for individuals and small businesses. For a bit more, you can set up an e-commerce site, too.  There are also options for multiple websites, and full features, which are priced at $5.95/month and come with unmetered storage (the lower-priced plan offers 50 GB). 



Another affordable entry on our list of best hosting for WordPress is iPage.  They’re mostly targeted at individuals and small businesses, and have a wealth of WordPress templates available, along with easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder software.  Like others, they offer free domain registration, SSL certificates, e-mail, 24/7 support, and various additional perks. They also make things simple, with a single pricing plan, at $1.99/month, that offers all their features.  



HostGator takes a different approach than iPage.  Rather than offer a single plan, they have numerous different options.  Among them are plans designed specifically for WordPress-based sites at affordable prices.  WordPress hosting starts at $5.95/month, with $7.95/month for a mid-range plan and $9.95/month for a top-tier plan.  Traffic is limited to 100, 200, and 500k visits, respectively. All come with a free SSL certificate, and higher-tier plans offer the ability to host more than one website on the same plan.  



GoDaddy is one of the more visible WordPress site hosts out there, with heavy marketing campaigns in the US and other markets in recent years.  WordPress hosting is just one of the many services they offer. They have great support, 99.9% uptime, and offer a money-back guarantee, among other features.  

Their best WordPress hosting plan is $24.99/month, but there are 4 options, and the cheapest is only $4.99 per month.  Within these plans, storage ranges from 10 GB to 200 GB, 25k to 800k monthly visitors, and 1 to 50 websites, along with a bunch of other features, with more being available with each successive higher-tier plan. does hosting, domain name registration, and, offers a website builder platform that hosts WordPress sites.  They have a wealth of additional service offerings, such as SEO and marketing. They also have in-house staff to do website design, with or without WordPress.  

The choice of service offerings is yours.  Basic hosting accounts are $5.95/month with 300 GB of space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain registration, 25 FTP accounts, and 100 email accounts.  That should be plenty for any WordPress hosting needs, though additional tier plans are available if you need something more.



FatCow has a humorous sensibility about their hosting offerings, including a cute fat cow mascot and lots of cow puns.  They offer 2 different flavors of WordPress hosting – chocolate and vanilla. No, we’re kidding.

They’re WP Starter and WP Essential, which are $3.75/month and $6.95/month respectively.  Both come with basic hosting, control panel, and themes and plugins, though the Essential plan adds faster speeds and enhanced security features, along with additional expert support.  Both offer free domain registration as well.


Network Solutions

Network Solutions has a huge offering of services available.  They’re one of the original domain name registrars and have branched out to every other area of web hosting and web services.  Their WordPress hosting options are available from $7.99/month to $18.98/month depending on your needs, with 3 separate plans that scale up as you go.  Storage ranges from 50 to 200 GB, site counts from 1 to 3 to 5, free domain names on all plans, cloud backup, and 10 to 50 email boxes, along with a bunch of additional features in the mid-range and top-tier plan.


How Do I Get Started with WordPress Hosting?

Getting started with WordPress hosting is really quite easy.  Most of the best WordPress hosting companies have designed the process so that even those with limited technical experience or website design and management experience can get the hang of it quite quickly.  

Once you select a plan and have your account set up, it usually includes your chosen domain name and login credentials.  From their management console, you can choose to install the WordPress platform, usually with a single click. Then, you can setup a login page for WordPress, and get to work designing your site using the WordPress themes, apps, and plugins.  In no time you’ll have a finished site ready for the world to see.


How Do I Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?

Finding the best WordPress hosting choice for your site will largely depend on what you intend to do with it.  Naturally, basic factors like uptime, support, and features will vary from provider to provider. But how much storage space, bandwidth, speed, page visits, e-mail boxes, and so on you may require depending on what your plans are for your WordPress site.

If you’re just making a personal blog, you probably don’t need as complex or expensive a plan as someone who is setting up a business website, for instance.  Carefully consider what you need, and evaluate the plan offerings from the best WordPress hosting companies accordingly.


What’s Better Paid or Free WordPress Hosting?

There are some free WordPress hosts out there, though none of them made our list of the best WordPress hosting options, and for a good reason.  Most of the free versions have serious restrictions on how much storage space you get, the transfer speed, number of visitors, and so on.

They may also force advertising on your site, depending on the terms of their free agreement.  For a small personal blog, a free hosting option might make sense. But for anything more serious, you need a paid plan choice from a quality WordPress host like those we’ve highlighted above.  


So, What’s the Final Verdict?

When you’re looking for the best WordPress hosting options available today, you want to select one that has a good reputation, offers the features you need, and is affordable.  To do that, you really need to be sure you know what you intend to do with your site. Then, you can select a provider and a plan that meets your needs, usually for just a few dollars a month.  


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