Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

It is an aura of technological excellence. Technology has revolutionized and changed modern-day living. Every day a number of technological products are launched in the market. So, it becomes necessary to keep updated in order to get the best out of technology. Up-to-date information can work wonders in keeping pace with the fast-changing world.

So, here is a list of best 23+ technical news websites with the latest technological trends which give all the relevant information.

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We assure you will something worth listening , Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs2021: Must-Have List


, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021


The website caters to the tech enthusiasts. It provides all the information related to new technology and new gadgets. It also reviews new internet portals and products. It provides the information on latest apps as well, like WhatsApp, etc. The services, events and products launched by various Giants in the market like Dell, Microsoft, Apple, etc. are covered extensively.


, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

With more than 7 million monthly visits this website is a real gem for technical geeks. The business and culture related to new technology is discussed in detail on this website. The appealing part is the focus on the next generation gadgets as well.

It provides the latest news on games, software, designer assets, web services and gadgets launched in the market. There is a comprehensive coverage of the lifestyle products as well. These features enable the website to attract around 10 million page views per month.

3. UK Tech Blog

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

If you’re looking for a top-notch technology blog then you should definitely give UK Tech Blog a try. They have everything for you from — tech updates, SEO, Softwares, Crypto Mining, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing and more. Overall it’s a one-stop solution for your daily dose of tech updates along with other important marketing trends. It’s a great platform to get genuine tech news and updates along with other notable updates from them.


, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

The website stands out from the rest because of its exhaustive and extensive coverage of technical news reports. The future trends in technology are discussed in detail. It apprises its users with latest news about new gadgets, security devices, video series, science and entertainment. What’s engrossing and fascinating is its venture This foray of the website is a paradise for web developers and web designers because of the valuable information they get.


, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

This website is an endeavour of Network18. It is prominently liked for its amazing assortment of videos, photos and podcasts about the latest technology. Its reviews on new gadgets like mobile, home theatres, tablets, laptops and gaming devices are equally enlightening. Its amazing feature of “How to Tab” teaches some incredible things. The site is also among the best as it compares various websites and new gadgets comprehensively.


, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

The gadget lovers simply cannot miss the temptation of visiting this website several times a day. This is because the website provides the best guide for gadgets. It displays the latest news for Apple ios, android and windows operating system. This website is the ultimate stop for gadget lovers. All the latest gadget launches including Smartphone’s, Tablets, Cameras, iphone, etc. are discussed.

Further, the reviews on the products launched equip an individual to choose the best product according to his requirements. The news on software launched and their function enhances the technical knowledge immensely. All this fully satiates the gadget nerds looking for up-to-date technical information


, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021 ensures to create an enlightened society. It offers news on a wide range of technological products including computer, mobile, photography, security, tech culture, tech industry, internet, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. The website offers well-researched news articles which are edifying and educational.

The section on video has a far-reaching appeal and is liked by a lot of people. This is because of the lucid explanation the video provides about the various products and trends. Videos on various topics like latest news and products of Apple, Face book, iphone, etc. are very beneficial and keep the people well adept with the latest trends and products available in the market.


, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

With more than six million social media followers the website is a dreamland for tech enthusiasts. It provides the ultimate bliss for the tech aficionados. It has an incredible array of dazzling videos about the latest technology including various applications, software, design, etc. It provides all the vital and latest resources, news and information related to technical advancements.

Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it has more than 20 million unique visits till date.


, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

The website is particularly paramount for its insightful and meticulous reviews about new products launched in the market. The website is an epitome of earnest endeavour towards enlightening the society.

The product information provided is precise. The website has a matchless for its contribution towards the betterment of the society. The reports it offers on how the technology affects the society are distinctive and outstanding.

10. Affiliate Valley:

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

AffiliateValley covers tech related news in affiliate marketing industry. They talk about what’s trendy and how to use it to become an affiliate marketer, analyze digital marketing case studies, share affiliate’s success stories. These guys are already known for doing great reviews of Affiliate Networks & Software, useful events and best industry conferences to attend. Check our detailed Thrivecart review to get detailed insights into this shopping cart platform.

They also give them special credit for a good selection of useful tools for affiliate marketers with handy promo codes for readers: traffic trackers, proxies, spy tools, vpns and much more. So if you have your thoughts about affiliate marketing – it’s definitely a website to check out.


, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021
The slogan of the website “upgrade your lifestyle” unmistakably unveils the motto and goal of the website. The website aims at apprising people with the latest state of the art technology in vogue. Its extensive information on a wide range of products is mind-boggling.

The website covers breaking news for mobiles, gaming devices, home theatres, computers, laptops and lifestyle products. There is plenty to know about cars, music and photography. Moreover, its coverage of news for apple and its products is simply startling. The best iphone applications are covered on the website. There is a plenty of information which one can amass by visiting this website.


, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021, Top 25+ Best Tech News Websites & Blogs In 2021

The website is useful for its thorough and far-reaching coverage of newly released mobiles, laptops and tablets. It has a unique feature of rating tablets and mobiles. The rating is done after a detailed research and the results are thus very helpful when it comes to choosing the best.

Anyone who is looking to buy new mobile phone or a tablet can visit the website to see the ratings. The ratings are done on the basis of the experience of the users and their reviews.

It also provides the latest news for operating systems based on android. The availability of the latest apps, and their features is discussed in detail.

Besides this, there is a lot of information for car lovers. It gives a detail description of the technology added to the modern-day cars. It gives a comparison of various features of the technology used in cars presently. This goes a long way in ensuring that one buys the best suitable car for himself.


Technorati is the popular technology website where it provides the latest technology news. Apart from posting the latest technology posts, it also helps the bloggers and the tech website owners to get more traffic on their website by provide the latest tech news and posts on and before time. Also, it reviews the latest apps and gadgets launched by Android, Apple, etc.

14. Cuelogic Technologies

Cuelogic is an IT services company that is known for its offshore software development capabilities.
They have really deep tech expertise and write on areas like product engineering, machine learning, process improvements, IoT etc. Their blog should be subscribed to for keeping up with all things software and development related.

15. is also a popular technology related website but it is only confined to Apple-related products. It is famous for posting the reviews and the rumors of the Apple-related products. is highly attractive the consumers and the professionals related to the Apple products who are interested in the latest Apple technologies and products. Macrumors also have the active community who are completely focused on the purchasing decisions of the Apple products and the technical aspects of the Macintosh, iPhone and iPad.

16. was launched in the year of July 19, 2007 by the Dwight Merriman and Kevin Ryan who are also DoubleClick founders and Henry Blodget who was the top-ranked Wall Street analyst. BusinessInsider is the rapidly grown technology news related website where it covers tech, financial, media and other verticals of the industry.


Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) launched the Playstation and the family of products under the same flagship. Sony has delivered many products under the same flagship when it was first launched in 1994 in Japan. Certain products under the same flagship are Playstation VR, Playstation 4, PlayStation Vue, and Playstation Store.

SIE is also responsible for the Worldwide Studios, which is responsible for developing the high-end games for Playstation. SIE is headquartered at San Mateo, California and they have re-defined the world of games. is solely technology website for posting the reviews and certain other information about the Playstation.

1 8.

Venturebeat is not only the website where it posts about the latest technologies but also it performs the analysis that why it matters the most to us. They post about the latest technology and gaming, the people behind the idea and how much money has been fuelled yet all has been covered by the

19. Engadget

Engadget doesn’t believe the technology is all about the processors and the bits of operations performed. From the human organs printed in the lab to the car with no driver all the technology-related latest news are posted on the Engadget. Engadget has been the successful reviewer of the devices and the technologies behind them from 2004. It has also explained how technologies matter the most in our lives.


Gigaom is a famous analysis and research firm. It helps the readers to understand about the emerging technologies and the impacts it has provided on the media, business and society.


Ubergizmo is a fantastic website where they post about the gadgets and the technologies related to those gadgets. They talk about the user interface, design, pricing and the comparison of the gadgets which would clear the doubts from your mind whether to go for those websites or not. The language used to describe is so simple that the user can relate to the review easily.

22. is the premium technology website where they post about fresh and innovative technologies. Slashgear is known for writing reviews about the latest technologies to digital trends. Also, the reviews they post about the cutting-edge technologies is something you can trust upon and their commentaries are just thought-provoking.

23. is one of the oldest technology websites where they are posting about video games from 1999. They started the website with the PC focus tips and hacks and the FPS scene of those times. Since, the video games have seen the drastic change over the years they started covering the whole aspect of the game like console, board games, indie and PC which the readers and the professional find interesting.

24. is all about the Android community and they are famous for posting the review of phones, general news, featured apps and a little about hacking tips. So, if you are looking for someplace to learn about Android then this website is a must for you. Also, if you want to get in touch with the Android professionals then go to droid-life and start conversing with them.

25. Technographx

For more ideas related to sites, visit Technographx

So, this is the list of some cool technology related websites where you can follow them and bookmark them to keep yourself updated about the latest technologies. These websites have changed the broadcasting method of posting great reviews. They also keep their customer base in the mind and broadcast the message in a simple way so that it reaches the wider audience.

If you are looking to purchase a phone or learn about simple hacks then go to these websites and hit the search button with the keywords rest all will be in front of your PC screen. So, go for it and have a look and bookmark them so that you get instant notification about the latest technologies. You can also learn new things with top experts on masterclass. Read our Masterclass courses review in detailed pros and cons here.

Over To You: Best Tech News Websites and Blogs February 2021

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