Top 10 Websites

, Top 10 Websites

Top 10 Websites

, Top 10 Websites

Without a doubt, being a college student can take your stress to an entirely new level. There are lots of different aspects to juggle and it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect balance. You have numerous assignments (many which end up due at the same time), a social life to keep up with, finding time to sleep, and working with a really low budget are all part of college life. We have compiled a list of 10 websites that will certainly help you make your college life a bit easier in one way or another.

1.         Rate My Professors

No matter where you are at in your college life, choosing the courses that are best for you and the professors that will be the best for those courses is very important. With the Rate My Professors website, you can talk with other students to narrow down which professor is going to be the best choice for you. You will also get the inside information on those that you should absolutely avoid!

2.         Amazon Prime Student

As long as you are actively enrolled in one college course, you can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime for six months. With this membership, you will get free two day shipping on all of your eligible purchases as well as unlimited streaming of many movies and various TV shows. This certainly comes in handy!

3.         Quizlet

This is a great study app that every student needs to make sure they have! You have the option to use it mobile or also as a web based app. It uses games and tests to help you prepare for all of those important upcoming tests.

4.         Ebates

This is a must have if you shop online. You will actually be rewarded for the online shopping that you do! With this site, you will get rewarded in cash for the eligible purchases that you make.

5.         TED Talks

TED is a non profit that offers short talks of about 18 minutes. You can find virtually any topic that you can possibly think of from business to science. All of them are free for you to watch and available in over 100 different languages.

6.         Groupon

With this mobile marketplace you will be able to discover savings on virtually anything that you can possibly imagine!

7.         StubHub

Here you can buy tickets to things like events and concerts. You also have the option to sell tickets that you may have.

8.         Khan Academy

Here you will find areas to practice, instructional videos, and your own personal dashboard allows you to keep up with the information you have covered.

9.         UNiDAYS

This site will save you a ton of money. They offer you special access to many popular brands of electronics, clothes, fitness, beauty and more.

10.       Mint

Mint will help you to stay on top of your money. They will help you will money management and sticking to your budget by tracking where your money is spent. This is especially helpful if you are working with a tight budget.


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