Top 10 websites to share links

, Top 10 websites to share links

Top 10 websites to share links

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Writing quality content will not give fruitful result unless and until it is published and spread over the web properly. And it can be done in many ways. By sending emails to all subscribers, spreading links to your friends, telling them in person, or by sharing links at the commonplace where the majority of people visit at any time.

Although there are lots of websites to share your content I figured out a few popular websites which are very effective for sharing your articles.

  1. Facebook
    No doubt, Facebook is the most popular social networking website at present. Currently, Facebook has more than 500 Million users worldwide and increasing. It gets more than 5 billion hits per day!
    So, sharing your content on Facebook will surely draw more traffic.You may plan a certain strategy to share your links to target the most benefited users from your link. i.e.  You can share your blogs on the social cause to your wall, to any social cause-related groups and pages.

    You can have your own page and group to promote your website. I have a page for Aliencoders  and the group for Aliencoders is And I share my links to different pages and groups which I have joined like bloggers, glad to be programmer, Linx, Perl, etc.

  2. Twitter
    Twitter is the top 10 influential websites and the top most website for microblogging and sharing links. It has more than 100 million users and getting 3 billion hits per day.
    So, you must consider yourself in sharing links to twitters without any delay.Follow the people who are having the same taste and request them to follow you.  This way you can increase your website traffic
  3. Linkedin
  4. Reddit (Best one for quick response for your link apart from Facebook and Twitter. You must consider it for sharing your links)
  6. Indiblogger (Want real bloggers to read and vote for you to join here too.) It’s mainly for Indian bloggers.
  7. Pinterest
  8. Instagram
  9. Quora
  10. Medium

 Apart from listed 1o most popular websites to get traffic I would suggest   Dzone to all developers.

It’s not necessary that you should share everything in all listed websites everything. Share at least 5 listed websites according to your post’s theme. Like if it’s based in India and you wish to target Indian bloggers/users mainly, post it on indiblogger especially.
If you have written any code you want exposure for expert comments, share it on dzone.
Facebook and twitter are for everything, everyone


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