Top 10 Websites for Article Posting

, Top 10 Websites for Article Posting

Top 10 Websites for Article Posting

One of the ideal means of making money is by freelance writing jobs and if you want to gain recognition there’s nothing better than setting up a base. This kind of foundation can be made by submitting your work to famous websites that have featured articles of excellent grammar, quality, and resources. Most of the writers online have their work reviewed by editors online after which the article is selected for publication. However, by following the basic principles of the website and formulating your articles in that particular manner will allow you to grab onto the position of a prestigious writer with the high number of recommendations.  Also, the quality of content plays a very big role, so if you are not sure about writing an article by yourself, you can always use thesis editing services.

The benefits of having websites that post your work online are that you gain recognition as a writer directly and become known as a skilled writer. This allows companies to come across your work and directly contact you for future projects. Igor Kholkin, founder of a top-ranked SEO agency, notes that his company frequently contracts writers who post great content on other sites. “This allows us to hire writers whose portfolio is already amazing, without having to vet candidates who apply. This, however, depend upon your quality of work since not every writer is selected for publication. Though your byline is presented for those articles and you’re no longer a ghostwriter. One of the most important points to keep in mind while posting your work online is that you must make sure you’re paid for such articles. If you’re looking for a boost in your profile, make one through article submission today.
Not all websites pay you for the work that you publish hence you can’t focus entirely on earning money through those articles. However, setting up a foundation for yourself where your name is recognized as a well-defined writer will earn you those job positions you’ve been dreaming about. Getting a job is as easy as losing one, therefore, you should keep your options open. From this list of websites that offer article publishing, you should make sure that you use your article in plenty of websites. This increases your chances of gaining recognition online as a skilled writer.

Check here for list of guest posting sites at and The top 10 Article Posting Websites are:

1. eHow

One of the widely used sites, eHow allows you to grow your name online as a writer by using your articles. However, your article must be grammatically correct and should consist of citations placed in the right manner. Don’t worry about recognition especially since eHow is visited by millions online for information.

For learning, building, and fixing in the context of content writing, eHow helps you in earning loads of money and experience. Submit your article thereby check the number of viewers you get accordingly empower your strength for better and easier challenges.

2. EzineArticles

EzineArticles is one of the most popular sites for placing your articles online. In fact, there are plenty of companies in search of writers who source out their employees from this site. Free of charge gain promotion as a writer.

There are hundreds and thousands of searchable quality content available in terms of articles and posts written and posted by the expertise and they are allowed to convert them into newsletters. Many of them in the internet search for the fresh and quality content, so it is suggested to post your article which doesn’t have any grammar mistake in EzineArticle so as to get the opportunity of earning more and more.

3. ArticleCube

ArticleCube is launched in 2005, where expert and qualified authors and writer cans post quality content like articles and posts. ArticleCube is an article based search engine cum website. You can search for a different category wise article here. The categories they include are Business, technology, Entertainment, Food, Home, and Health.
More than a million writers are using this site for promoting themselves. It is a famous directory where you can submit your articles for marketing.

4. Article Alley

Worried of posting article in category related websites? Take no tension, Article Alley is designed for almost all the categories that come into action regularly. Freely write quality content and post them.

With a huge response in the database, there might be a beautiful chance waiting in the list. They have around 500,000 authors and you be a part of it and start converting your skills into income. Their mission is to become the best publishing platform. Give your best to make it stronger and stronger.

5. HubPages

HubPages is another site which is where users who are looking towards recognition can consider. If you’re aiming for a financial boost then you can earn income by posting your articles online and joining the revenue sharing program.
It is an open-community of writers, knowledge seekers, and explorers. It helps in sharing text, videos, and images.

The questionnaire is one of the best strategy followed in this website. It has many sets of tools that help researchers to find the best resource in making their work simple. In the HubPage network, there are around 43,000,000 explorers every month.

6. ArticleCity

Enjoy the boost in your status as a writer that you’ll receive when you start posting your articles online. This site displays a number of advertisements alongside the articles thereby offering chances of marketing your domain online.

Before writing a word try using the data-driven analysis to know whether the topic is trending in the present industry. There are around 23,000 writers and 15 years of experience have been there for Article City website. The website is fully scalable and flexible. It also allows you to learn inbound marketing techniques.

7. Buzzle

One of the simplest directories where you can post articles online, Buzzle can improve your brand name as a writer especially since it receives a huge number of visitors. It is free of cost and lets you market your work successfully.

There are 64websites till today with a high-quality engaging content created by different professional in-house authors and writers on thousands of topics. With lots of enriched and enlighten visual engaging posts, they entertain the viewers and rely as the best article posting and research platform.

8. Examiner

Looking towards improving your brand name and being recognized? For once instead of being a ghostwriter you can finally post work that you’ve written. Examiner allows you to publish back way links thereby improving your marketing techniques of search engine optimization. It allows you to post 5 articles in a month with an unlimited access.

It has many things to learn in terms of both news and general information. Usually, it is an news based informational platform, later on with the change in the technology it is converted as a website to publish and research articles that are fresh.

9. Bukisa

One of the most commonly used websites for article submissions, so don’t waste your money looking for a job. Instead, build your reputation as a writer and companies will come to hire you. With an effective revenue sharing strategy, you can earn money over the articles that receive high publicity.

Bukisa is a lifestyle and news community for every aspect that happens around us. Most of the practical and innovative information is published on this platform. Many entrepreneurs look forward to a best and latest story and pop news

10. EasyArticle

Another valuable site which publishes your work online is EasyArticle where you can post your articles for free. Have a number of visitors view your work and increase your name as a writer. This site is one of the biggest article directories present that ensures your work is rated.

It covers the content on Travel, Education, Business and so on to make people know about the best options for making their work simpler and understandable. There are latest and featured articles in this website.


All the above websites help you learn and acquire greater idea and knowledge on the recent and the latest information that is firing more on the internet. So it is suggested to write articles and post them on all the websites and know the results from each. From the next time you post an article, you will definitely get adapted to it. But it is suggested to follow the rules before posting an article on respective websites. If you feel like you don’t have time to research all the rules that you need to follow, or you just have more important things to do, but still need to publish some articles to help your website achieve better rankings, you can always hire a service like Searcharoo guest posts. This way, your content will be written according to your needs and will be posted on relevant sites.


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