Top 10 Travel Gadgets That You Can Carry On Every

, Top 10 Travel Gadgets That You Can Carry On Every

Top 10 Travel Gadgets That You Can Carry On Every

, Top 10 Travel Gadgets That You Can Carry On Every
, Top 10 Travel Gadgets That You Can Carry On Every

If you have been stung by the wanderlust bug which has turned you into a frequent traveler, you will know that there are two kinds of travelers – one that prefers to travel light, and the other group, that stays prepared for every situation that might arise.

But with the world changing with the help of technology, now both the groups can combine – which means you can travel light and yet stay prepared for any disaster that might occur. And that has been made possible with these smart travel gadgets, which are a blessing for travelers around the world.

1. Portable Charger

When you are traveling long distances, you might be clueless about where you can find a plug point to charge your phone, tablet, or other gadgets. And given the age we live in, it is impossible to imagine a day without using our cell phone! So, come what may, the cell phone must be charged.

And in circumstances, where finding a plug point is difficult, a portable charger, also known as power banks is what may come to your rescue. Therefore, you must definitely not forget to pack one for yourself when you go out on a trip so that you can stay connected and also find your way back if and when you get lost in an unknown city. Here is a source that will share some amazing stuff about magnetic charging cables.

2. Navigator Cum Magnetic Compass

The world is big and beautiful. There is so much to see and explore, and so little time! So, go ahead and explore at every opportunity that you get. Visit new places, and learn new things. That’s probably the best way to enjoy life. But to ensure that you don’t get lost in a new place, and can get back home safe, you can carry a navigator cum magnetic compass with you.

Should you reach a place from where you cannot find your way back home, a navigator can help you to locate your way back. It can also help you with directions that you might need to reach a place you have never been to before. And what’s best is that a magnetic compass can help you with directions even in a place that has zero connectivity.

3. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you are out vacationing with your friends, you definitely need a portable Bluetooth speaker. If you are out on a trip alone, you still need a portable Bluetooth speaker. You need one in the first instance because when a gang of friends is out on a holiday, a party cannot be far away.

And you need one when alone so that you never miss out on your favorite tunes when traveling solo. The market today is flooded with portable Bluetooth speakers of all shapes, sizes, functionality, features, and price. You can pick up anyone that meets your requirements and budget and then, never miss a beat!

4. Micro Filter Water Bottle

If you are the adventurous kinds who like to tread unknown terrains and paths, then you must definitely get this smart travel gadget for yourself. Available in the market these days is the microfilter water bottle that is a water purifier and water bottle rolled into one. These bottles follow the hollow fiber membrane technology that can get rid of 99 percent germs and water-borne bacteria.

So, if you are in a place where clean water is unavailable, you can fill your smart bottle with water from any water body like streams, rivers, waterfalls, etc., and it will filter it all. You can stay assured that the water that you are drinking is clean, pure, and free of contaminants.

5. DSLR Camera

Going on a trip – be it with friends, family, or solo – means making many new memories. Each kind of trip has its own charm and blesses you with whole new experience. So, to capture them all, you must definitely carry a camera along with you. And what can be better than a DSLR camera!

They are a favorite among travel photographers and frequent travelers alike because they have a great battery life, the image quality you get in a DSLR is amazing, a DSLR has a wide range of lens options, and not to forget, it offers complete manual controls so that you have complete control over your photography.

6. Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

If you are out on a long trip or traveling solo, then noise-canceling wireless headphones might just be the gadget that you need! If you are traveling in a flight or a train, these noise canceling wireless headphones will help you to shut out the general din of your surroundings so that you can relax better, sleep in a more peaceful manner without getting woken up due to crying kids or the chatting of co-passengers.

These headphones also let you enjoy your music without getting disturbed by the background noise, no matter where you are. It is definitely a must-carry travel gadget that lets you enjoy your vacation in peace and quiet.

7. Smart Trolley

While the concept is still fairly new, it has been catching up quite fast! A smart suitcase helps you keep track of your luggage. You can connect it to your mobile device and you shall get a notification if your bag was opened, is stolen, or if it is very heavy. Some of these smart suitcases also provide a USB connection that lets you charge your other devices like laptops, mobile phones, etc.

These smart trolleys have an ergonomic design and the trolleys have a flat top. Inside the trolley, there are several compartments to help you arrange your luggage accordingly. And not to forget, the trolley has its own safety lock, it is sturdy and durable, and perfect to be carried anywhere you go!

8. goTenna Mesh

If you are out vacationing, camping, or hiking with friends, you surely want to stay in touch the whole time, and not get lost. But if you are in rugged terrain and you feel, there is the slightest chance that your mobile device will lose connectivity, and you might get separated from your gang, worry no more, because your savior is here – goTenna Mesh!

The goTenna Mesh is a sleek, pocket-sized device that has been specially designed to keep Android and iOS devices connected to each other even when there is no cellular service. It uses Bluetooth technology to help the users stay connected and share messages and their locations immediately. The users can communicate with each other even when they are off the grid. goTenna Mesh can work within a range of up to 4 miles in open areas and is a great gadget to invest in.

9. Kindle

Are you an avid reader? Do you love to read even when you are out on trips with friends and family but hate to carry books along with you? Worry no more because we have the perfect solution for you – Kindle! The Kindle is an e-reader that works as a lifesaver when you need to be on long flights, train or bus journeys during your trip.

A Kindle is lighter than most tablets and is also easy to read from, even in strong light. And with the latest addition that hit the market, the Kindle is now thinner, faster, has a better battery backup, and lets you enjoy TV shows, movies, music besides reading millions of ebooks.

10. Universal Travel Adapter

This is a travel gadget that you must definitely carry, no matter where you are going. Remember that not all the places you visit will have the same kind of outlets and points, and there is no way you can spend your vacation with all your electric gadgets drained out of juice!

So, unless you want to buy a converter every time you travel or borrow chargers from your co-passengers, or just stay disconnected from the rest of the world, it is better to invest some money and get yourself a universal travel adapter that will work on all points, no matter which corner of the world you visit!


These were the top 10 travel gadgets that we thought should make to your list. However, there are many more items like dental care swabs, portable washing machine bags, headlamps, hiking lantern, tripod, etc. that you can carry with yourself while leaving for a trip. However, do remember that the idea is not just to travel light, but also travel smart!

, Top 10 Travel Gadgets That You Can Carry On Every , Top 10 Travel Gadgets That You Can Carry On Every


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