Top 10 Most Secure Phones In 2020

, Top 10 Most Secure Phones In 2020

Top 10 Most Secure Phones In 2020

, Top 10 Most Secure Phones In 2020

Most Secure Phones: Nowadays, every person all over the world uses a smartphone. Modern technologies have changed our lives so much. You can easily talk with a friend who lives thousands of miles away or have a video chat with parents without visiting them too often. When it comes to phones, privacy and security should be in the first place. When people share photos or make calls, they want to be ensured nobody else can get access to their private life.

Unfortunately, with smartphones’ developing, online fraud develops too. Many hackers know the creepiest methods to steal information from the phone or get access to private data. People use smartphones to pay for goods online and in stores, so they need to know their phone is secure. They want to be sure that nobody can get access to their accounts if their phone is stolen unexpectedly.

, Top 10 Most Secure Phones In 2020, Top 10 Most Secure Phones In 2020

The best way to stay safe is to use a secure smartphone. But what model to choose to protect yourself? Experts from ProhHighGrades and VPN-lab build up a list of top ten secure smartphones and make your choice without doubts!

10 Secure phones to Protect Your Privacy

We will start from the 10th place and approach the 1st, so you can review all the leaders of our top. The list is based on our analysis according to the smartphones’ characteristics.

10th place – Google Pixel 4

Google develops security patches for their phones to protect users among exploits. If there is a security vulnerability in the software, Pixel can get security patches very fast. The manufacturer pays a lot of attention to security when developing the software for this Android smartphone. Getting a new Pixel 4 is a great choice! This smartphone has a great powerful camera and is equipped with Snapdragon 855 chipset for fast work. The phone is also available in the XL variant for those who want a bigger screen!

9th place – iPhone 11

This smartphone has the A13 Bionic chip that can prevent hackers’ attacks. Its iOS is also developed to protect the phone’s owners. It’s easy and fast to update software because Apple controls both the hardware and software to make updates for the phone. Use this popular smartphone and stay well-protected!

8th place – Samsung Galaxy Note10

Choose this phone if you’re a Samsung admirer. The company equipped it with great things for security like Knox protection in real-time and virus prevention. Besides, a user can keep their private content (movies, files, photos, etc.) in a secure folder on the device. Nobody can open these files! Lock the device using a pattern/PIN code/password.

7th place – Turing HubblePhone

Developers of this device guarantee full protection from malware, data theft, and hackers. This is an unusual and non-ordinary looking phone with great features. Turing uses end-to-end encryption. It is equipped with a Turing Imitation Key for local encryption without using a remote server. Buy this extraordinary phone with SailfishOS to protect your privacy!

6th place – UnaPhone Zenith

Una Os is an operating system based on Android. This OS is developed to provide users with privacy and security when they talk over the phone, send messages, or use an Internet connection. The end-to-end description guarantees secure communications. You can be ensured all the data on the phone is well-protected without leakage.

5th place – BlackBerry KEY2

This device is developed to provide users with reliability and security. If you’re searching for a secure phone but also want to make quality photos, this model is for you! It runs Android Oreo and unlocks by the fingerprint sensor. Blackberry claims they produce the most secure smartphones in the world.

4th place – Sirin Finney

This phone is made by the Israel Sirin lab. Developers equipped this cyber-protected smartphone with a built-in storage wallet. The device also has a Safe Screen to make crypto transactions without risks. We can say this phone is extremely secured.

3rd place – Sirin Solarin

This is not a new model – the Solarin was launched in May 2016 but it’s on the third place in the list because of its reliability and safety. This is an encrypted phone that cannot be tracked. This device is for you if you want ultimate privacy without problems! Of course, it is not cheap but it’s worth spending your money when you need extra security!

2nd place – Blackphone 2

It is an Android phone that uses the GoSilent firewall to protect data. Keep all your permissions and data sharing under control with a powerful Security Center! The phone allows keeping your personal and business data separately. All the security updates for a smartphone come from Silent Circle company.

1st place – Katim Phone

And, the Katim Phone is the most secure in our list. This Android device monitors all the data constantly to detect and attack malware. When a malware tries to get any information from the phone, the entire smartphone cleans up immediately to prevent stealing. The phone also has a Shield Mode for excellent security. You can communicate without worrying that someone can track and listen to your calls.

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So, have you already chosen a secure phone for your needs? Use a reliable phone and stay protected and safe without problems!

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