Top 10 Math Websites

, Top 10 Math Websites

Top 10 Math Websites

Math can be an especially difficult subject for a lot of students. Thankfully, several websites and computer programs exist that teach everything from basic addition and subtraction to calculus and Common Core math. Here is a list of the top 10 math websites for any struggling student.

1. Kahn Academy
Kahn Academy was a little-known website a few years ago, but it has grown to be one of the top teaching websites on the internet. Students can learn about a wide variety of subjects, and the website is especially helpful with mathematics. Not only does it provide how-to videos, it also supplies students with worksheets to practice what they just learned. Plus, Kahn Academy is completely free! 

2. Dreambox Learning
DreamBox Learning is an online software provider that focuses on mathematics education at the elementary and middle school level. This program has been proven to improve math skills in students at an early age. It adapts to the individual and provides customized worksheets for him or her. A 6-month membership for a single child costs $59.99. 

3. IXL Learning
IXL Learning is a free math website for students of any age. The website teaches math skills from pre-K to pre-calculus. The site is divided into specific areas where students can learn what they need to at their own pace. If they have division down, they don’t have to study it! 

4. Interactive Sites
This website is excellent for young children up to high school students. Interactive Sites is broken down alphabetically by subject and includes math areas such as addition, subtraction, algebra, and tangrams and tessellations. Each game will be fun no matter the age of the student; it’s a free and enjoyable way for anyone to learn. 

5. Absurd Math
Absurd Math is one of the more unique websites on this list. Not only does it create games for students to interact with, it creates entire storylines—and it’s free. Players proceed on missions in a strange world where the ultimate power consists of mathematical skills and knowledge. In order to save the world, players must solve the math problems. 

6. A Plus Math
This simple website provides worksheets, games, and flashcards for students. It offers teaching in subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, and geometric shapes. In addition, it has memory games where the player must use math skills to match pairs. A student can learn by playing familiar games such as hidden picture, bingo, word find, and more—all for free. 

7. AAA Math
AAA Math features thousands of interactive arithmetic lessons. This website is designed for students in kindergarten through high school. It gives immediate feedback while the student is completing worksheets. This website provides over 25 mathematical subjects, all for free. 

8. Ten Marks
Ten Marks is an Amazon-hosted website that provides in-depth math tutoring for students at any level. It can be customized to the student, and it offers several videos that assist in learning. If a student is showing immediate improvement, the website will adapt to his or her learning and provide more difficult problems to increase knowledge. Many school systems use this math tutoring program, which students can only access with a code from a teacher. It consistently ranks as one of the best math tutoring practicums on the internet. 

9. Math Drills
Math Drills provides thousands of worksheets to parents and is absolutely free. These high-quality worksheets will provide students with extra learning skills they may need in addition to what they learn in school. Several subjects are available, such as multiplication, grids, time, measurements, and mixed operations. 

10. Brightstorm
Brightstorm started as a website that taught math through videos, but it has evolved into so much more. Now students can watch videos, play games, complete worksheets, and receive math tutoring from actual professors. The subjects are directed toward high school students and have been proven to help countless students all over the United States. Without a discount, the website offers three types of memberships: a monthly membership for $29.99 per month, a semi-annual membership for $19.99 per month, and an annual membership for $14.99 per month. However, there are often sales that discount the price.


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