Top 10 Emotional Support Animal Websites – Reviews

, Top 10 Emotional Support Animal Websites – Reviews

Top 10 Emotional Support Animal Websites – Reviews

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-Update 9/18/2020: I wrote a post about the top 5 ESA scammers and their new tricks in 2020. These days, they do very clever tactics.

So… you want to compare some of the top Emotional Support Animal Letter (or ESA Letter for short) provider companies to help you make your decision, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’ll help guide you and provide evidence to help support the claims, but you’ll decide which company you will want to go with in the end. (Read the bottom if you just want our Verdict anyway)

One thing to note is, that as we go further down the list, it only gets worse so if you want to see how bad it gets, don’t miss out from the top to the bottom ! Everyone of these in this list has their own story to tell, grab your popcorn cause you don’t want to miss any of this!

1 Emotional Pet Support

(Renewals: $59.00 per year)


$99 – Each ESA Letter

$149 – Both ESA letters

They stuffed a lot of stuff on their homepage, so it may be a bit laggy for mobile users and/or users with lacking Wi-Fi. It’s packed with tons of information – rather than breaking it down into separate pages. However, they do have one of the highest numbers of reviews, positive reviews and they seemed to have kept pace with responding to their negative reviews, do check these out too –  they don’t seem to give off any major red flags, but some things to note is the pricing is average and the website is a bit slow.


Waggy / ExpressPetCertify – (& their new company since waggy’s reputation’s cratered)

Check out their reviews, it’s not pretty:

WARNING: They have been caught giving themselves fake positive reviews! The only reviews that are positive are the ones they gave to themselves (proof below):

(Renewals: Up to $200.00 per year)


$109 (Single Plan)  OR  $12/month annually = $144 (Monthly Plan) – Housing Letter

$109 (Single Plan) OR $12/month annually = $144 (Monthly Plan)- Travel Letter

$150 (Single Plan) OR  $15/month annually = $180(Monthly Plan)- Both Letters

NOTE: Their ad said it’s $35 for a letter, but I’m looking at their actual price plans and it’s almost triple that for just one letter (Single Payment)… Their Monthly plans add up to EVEN MORE!?

Below are two maps, theirs and a map of Target/WalMart stores scattered across the country. I circled the areas that are too similar to not be the same thing. This is evidence that this map is nothing but a fishing net for people who don’t do their research (You can find a map with dots layed out in the exact same way as their map here):

Map of their “45,000 Satisfied Customers”:

Map of Target/WalMart Stores:

3 Mypetcerts


(Not sure, their price changes a lot!)

I’ve been to it a couple of times prior to writing this review, I want to ask them why they keep changing their price on almost a daily basis?

Lesson to learn here is that there are two ways to promote a business, you can promote it the right way, or you can promote it like this:

Also, when I did some research about them, I found out why they are secure:

4 Therapeutic Pet/


Cannot find

These guys are a mystery, they seem to be constantly buying domains to sell ESA letters trying to look different. It seems like their primary site is just a donation attempt to look non-profit, come on these guys are not non-profit. Honestly, it doesn’t take too long to find out what’s going on here. At the bottom of, you see who you’re really contacting for support:

5 PDScenter


(Not sure, their price changes a lot!)

I really loved how their site looked, but this was a dead giveaway as to what they really are:



WARNING: This is one is a very manipulative one! This one makes you read a “PAID” and completely biased article with the content provided by THEM to trick you into believing what they want you believe.

1. First, who said that ESA Letters can not be less than $120, why should it be suspicious? Other companies have successfully helped their patients even if they charge less than $120…because it’s called “being affordable”.

2. Again, they don’t have any way of showing REAL REVIEWS and I still can’t find their BBB page to verify and see if they are a legit business. Also, they claim to have over 10,000 satisfied customers yet, we don’t have any way of verifying that. Other ESA companies at least have a 3rd party reviews system (TrustPilot, ShopperApproved, BBB) without hundreds if not, thousands of reviews! Look at the reviews instead of a biased, completely paid-for and content-provided article by one company. It’s so obvious.

3. Finally, how can we even trust an article that is literally RIDDLED with links to their page and only talks about them, like want us to believe that they are the only possible ESA company even though other companies have been successfully handling and servicing their patients for years. Guys, don’t fall for this, they just want you to spend more for some weird procedure, this article is CLEARLY written by them and is paid to look official and trick you, what makes them more reliable than others just because they have a PAID article “content by ValidESALetters”.

This article is not by a trustworthy source. It’s completely by this company.



Maybe I’m being too harsh, or maybe I just don’t like when a company tries to trick us into spending more and only going to them with a completely FAKE and PAID article with the content being by them. Guys, read who wrote your article before trusting that article… It shows no proof… No LAW even says: that they are the only real ESA company or that ESA letters HAVE TO BE LESS THAN $120…

7 Petletter


$129 – Each ESA Letter

$199 – Both ESA letters

With only one provider to choose from, I don’t really have much of a selection. Also, why is it that I need to make an account and provide my credit card information when it’s NOT secure? Looks like a decent site, but why am I no longer in

8 Certapet

(Renewals: $99.00 per year)


$149 Each ESA Letter

$199 Both ESA letters

I noticed they recently started to sell vests and other random stuff that won’t do you any good at all anywhere. In fact, some local authorities and people with real service dogs may look down upon anyone who does this. Vests are only supposed to be worn by officially trained service dogs, not for ESAs as ESAs only belong in apartments or on planes. You can’t expect your day to go by peacefully if people are suspicious of you, you’re better off not getting this additional stuff. Multiple sources such as CBS and NBC all state that the law is working harder to ensure that only real service dogs wear vests.

I keep confusing their services with “certificates” and ESA letters as they seem to be trying to make us get all of their goods – most of which seem relatively useless. Certificates are fake and ESA letters are real and they seem to be branding both. I find it important to be clear to the public because we want real services not fake ESA stuff because that stuff doesn’t work. I think they also sell service dog vest?!

So, why don’t I get a 100% refund? Other companies give me a 100%, why do you keep a portion of my money?

Also, they’re secure on the homepage, but why are they not secure when I’m taking my exam:

9 Therapy Pet


$149 – Travel Letter

$149 – Housing ESA letter

$199 – Both ESA letters

So you say some of these guys are a complete scam. Well, for TherapyPet, let these findings tell you what they are:

(look at the top review on this one:)

10 ESADoctors


$149 – Travel Letter

$159 – Housing ESA letter

$189 – Both ESA letters

Okay, never before have I seen a company that has had more negative reviews from organizations than this one…let’s get into this:

Now, don’t take it from us but… someone else did their homework on this company for us and in summary… ESA Doctors is fraudulent and charges WAY TOO MUCH compared to their competitors, they’ve been reviewed by other (even more reputable) organizations like the EZCareClinic and boy oh boy did they have their word two cents (You can read their review here):

Image Source

Apparently, word really does get out there when people find out that a company is actually a scam…I mean even MangoClinic returned with the same results (you can read their review on this company here):

Our Verdict:

Wow, what a list, well…we did tell you we’d include all you need to know! So far, Emotional Pet Support doesn’t seem to have stiffed their customers before (as far as we can tell), so we have to give kudos to them for that –  even though their website is albeit…a bit slow on mobile devices compared to the others. You may got to be a patient when trying to get to their website, not gonna lie it takes several seconds!

While we can’t tell you which one to choose as that option’s up to you, but we definitely suggest always checking their reviews page to make sure you’re not getting screwed. It’s better to be safe than sorry, in this case, we recommend going with a company that has a clean and good reputation rather than one that has had reports of their products not working or products/services problems. Basically, if the company in question has many highly rated reviews (and their 1-stars are addressed and don’t show and red flags) as well as being consistent with being honest and not screwing their customers, go with that one!

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