Top 10 Electronic Gadgets That Rule The World

, Top 10 Electronic Gadgets That Rule The World

Top 10 Electronic Gadgets That Rule The World

, Top 10 Electronic Gadgets That Rule The World

It is quite evident that the present world is governed by gadgets which aim to make our lives either easier or more exciting. Without futuristic gadgets, one cannot have imagined the present world of comfort and luxurious lifestyle we live in. This work is based upon the top 10 electronic gadgets that rule the world. If simply stated, these are gadgets that an individual with modern lifestyle dreams about having in his/her everyday life. These gadgets are essential for present-day men and women as a must-have in their possession and enables improving the everyday lifestyle of any man or woman. In this fast-moving lifestyle, the list below states some of the Top 10 electronic gadgets that rule the world:

1. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

The new Microsoft Surface laptop 2 is the must-have electronic gadget for everyone from artists, creators, professionals, doctors, students, and kids. It has the latest 8th generation Intel core processor and provides 14.5 hours of battery life. This product on a comparative basis is 1.6 times faster than the MacBook Air and has an additional 1.5 hours of battery backup than MacBook Air, which is said to be the best laptop in the world. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 suggests from its name that it has an interactive touch screen display which is not present in the Macbook and creative artists and designers can sketch on it directly using their fingers or ‘surface pen’. It is slimmer than the MacBook and has an AI assistant named Cortana which acts on voice commands. This laptop is a complete package of work and entertainment and therefore is number one in the list. It is a must have for everyone.
The product is available at stores and online on the company website:

2. SONY PlayStation VR

The PlayStation franchise of the SONY CORP. has been their number one brand in the gaming and entertainment segment. PlayStation is a rage among kids and adult in equal numbers. All gaming enthusiast in the world own a PlayStation and the company has been a market leader in developing famous gaming titles which have hugely successful among gamers. The SONY PlayStation VR is the latest member of the SONY PlayStation family which enables VR (Virtual Reality) games to the owners of any version of PlayStation console. The PlayStation VR headset is an advanced gadget from SONY PlayStation franchise which creates hyper-real 3D environments with 3D audio and built-in mic, headset and OLED screen in the VR headset. The device gives 360-degree seamless field of view for the players with smooth visuals and low latency to create immersive gaming world. The gaming enthusiast of the world has the PlayStation VR as a top priority in their gadget wish list. It is one of the bestselling gaming gadgets in the world.
The product is available through online stores and the official company website:

3. Polaroid PlaySmart 3D printer

3D printing technology has created the latest buzz in printing technology over the whole world. The PlaySmart 3D printer from Polaroid is a lightweight, affordable desktop 3D printer which has been designed for beginners and hobbyists for the purpose of learning the art of 3D printing. One can make their children and family members learn the art of 3D printing through this printer. The device has onboard 3.5 inches onboard touch screen, Wi-Fi camera, Multicolour printing, filament sensor and a mobile application which has predetermined designs to create and print models through the printer. The mobile application enables the user to control the printer through their Tablet or Smartphone. This has already started to make people aware of the use of 3D printing technology all over the world and rules the 3D printer market due to its portability and ease of use.
The product is available on the company website:

4. Leap Motion

The Leap Motion is the latest sensory device which can be used in any PC or MAC. The device is very small and portable which can be kept in front of the user to create a field of 3D space above the device which enables the user’s hands to work as a user interface. The sensor in the device detects the motion of the hands and movements which converts it into input actions in the OS of the PC like scrolling, grasping things on the screen and dropping without the use of mouse or keyboard. Although the device is not meant to replace the mouse or keyboard but co-habit with it to be used instead of touch screen functionality of screens. It combines the digital and the physical world to create better VR effects and functionality in devices. It is considered the future of Augmented Reality (AR) which is much more natural, accurate and robust. It is the next best selling gadget in AR integrated technology in the world.
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Although it seems like a normal shoe from the brand it is disguised as a robot or a very advanced gadget. It comes to life whenever the user puts it on; it has light sensors which lights on as soon as the user puts it on and starts sensing the wearer. Its sensors make it prone to the activity of the user and the shoe self adjusts itself with the style of activity of the user. The most amazing part is that it is self-lacing which is possible due to E.A.R.L. (Electric Adaptable Reaction Lacing) technology. It makes the shoe to electronically adjust the lacing, fit and pressure according to the contours of the user. It can also be connected to the user’s smartwatch or smartphones fitness app and record running data of the user in real time.
The product is available on the official company website:

6. Livescribe 3

In this digital age, it is very difficult to carry notebooks and keep records of every document one has written during work or research. The Livescribe 3 smartpen has a retractable tip with Bluetooth enabled functionality which seamlessly syncs the user’s handwriting into their mobile devices through Livescribe+ application. This device converts any apple or android devices into Bluetooth notebook which records everything the user writes as well as adds voice notes to the digital document. The high-speed IR camera in the smart pen digitally records everything written by the user and can be accessed anytime through the Livescribe app. This makes taking notes much easier and categorizes them in the user’s tablet or smartphone. The notes can even be edited later.
The product is available at the official company website:

7. Tile Mate

There have been many trackers in the market, but the Tile Mate is the most dependable and durable in performance and longevity among the trackers available in the market. This electronic gadget helps in keeping track of valuables of the user like keys for the home, car which often get lost. The tile mate even attaches to the user’s expensive devices and keeps track of them 24×7. The mobile or PC app which comes with the device syncs its exact geographic locations with the tracker and also rings when operated through the app so that the user can hear their tracker even if they cannot see it with their eyes. The app also connects the user with the world’s largest search party who are other Tile Mate users, who can alert the user if their tracker is found by the other Tile users. The Tile mate comes with replaceable batteries which last up to 1 year.
The product is available at online portals and also the official website:

8. Bolt Lockitron

In the technologically advanced age, meet your new Keys! Yes, the Bolt Lockitron is an innovative device that can lock and unlock doors through your smartphones. It’s a Bluetooth app-enabled exclusively smart lock for the future generation. Bolt Lockitron uses Bluetooth Low Energy meaning that the device will continue working even in power or internet outages. The device readily works with Alexa and can easily manage your smart lock with your voice. The effective sense feature of the device automatically unlocks the bolt when you approach for hands-free entry. Any iOS or Android smartphone can easily use the Lockitron app. With this, you can easily and instantly share access with your family and friends. The device is very easy to install and it has a long battery life, powered by 4 AA batteries which are included with the product. The Bolt Lockitron also permits a traditional lock that continues to work with traditional metal keys. In case a metal key has been used; the Bolt Lockitron sends a notification to your smartphone. So, no more worrying whether your door is locked or not! Bolt Lockitron will send you a notification immediately when any family member unlocks the door using his/her phone or key. You can buy it along with Bridge for full remote access.
You can buy this product from the given website –

9. GoTenna Mesh

This small, light and cost-effective device is known for creating mobile mesh networks which increases connectivity and readily turns smartphones and other devices into programmable smart mobile infrastructure. GoTenna Mesh privately as well as securely transmits messages across devices in range and creates secured communication networks simply anywhere and from any smartphone. Its sleek and lightweight design makes it possible to be dropped across locations to create a “pop-up” mesh network and keeps your travel group well-connected when venturing off the grid. GoTenna Mesh is a great device for outdoor adventures where you stay connected even in remote areas. It supports in case of emergency preparedness where you can actually create a resilient backup communication network even if traditional networks remain down.
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10. BOSE noise masking sleep buds

What can be better than having a peaceful sleep after a hard working day! All you need is Bose noise-masking sleep buds, the device that is uniquely designed for sleep that you deserve. The device is a set of tiny, wireless earbuds with sound-blocking design and uses pre-loaded, light, soothing music to cover up all unwanted noises around you so that you can stay asleep peacefully. This noise-covering sleep buds from Bose delivers very soothing sounds while optimally tuned to drown out unwanted noise. Even if you sleep on your side, the device remains intact in your ear because of its high-tech design. The device comes along with a storage case which protects and recharges the device when not in use. A single charge is enough for providing up to sixteen hours of use.
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