Top 10 Best Wedding Websites in 2021

Top 10 Best Wedding Websites in 2021

Q: Why do you need a wedding website?
A: The main purpose of building a wedding website is to provide a central place where guests can find details about your big day and the upcoming celebrations. Minted has created a full guide on how to make a wedding website.

Q: How long does it take to make?
A: It depends on how much detail, customizing, and formatting you want to manage vs. using a ready-made site. It’s most important that you include the key details, which from start to end can be done in under an hour with most builders, but might take up to 3 hours with a more fully custom builder.

Q: What information should you include?
A: It’s nice to include a welcome message and a photo of you and your partner. Include the key information like your names, the wedding date, time, and place. If you have the schedule of events ironed out, include that too! Your guests will also want to know travel information and anything about accommodations and the availability of hotel blocks. Provide the option for online RSVPs and contact info in case guests have questions. Some people include an FAQ section, too.

Q: When do you need to create it?
A: Experts say between 6 to 9 months before your wedding. Many couples like to have their specialty site prepared as a first step, so information can be printed on their Save The Date cards so their guests can start thinking about travel arrangements, particularly for those hosting a destination wedding.


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