A day in the life of: A Digital Marketing Agency

A day in the life of: A Digital Marketing Agency

, A day in the life of: A Digital Marketing Agency

What does a typical day in a digital marketing agency look like? Who are the people who work there and what do they do? And how has a typical day changed due to the impact of Covid-19?

Describe your digital marketing agency: What do you do?

Forever is an integrated Digital agency meaning we cover all elements of Digital Marketing, from brand and creative, web design and web development, through to all areas of digital marketing: SEO, PPC, content, email marketing, and social media.

We work with a wide variety of clients, from SMEs to large national brands, spread around the UK and sometimes overseas. We work across any sector, from law, finance and construction through to hospitality, food and beverage, and ecommerce.

Talk us through a typical day…

It’s a cliche but no day is the same in a Digital Marketing Agency. We have to be reactive to our client’s requirements and to the results of our ongoing marketing work: we are constantly testing, monitoring and adapting. We are also mindful of changes in audience behaviour, search data, and the current climate in general: all these factors can influence what we do on a daily basis.

However, a ‘typical’ day usually involves our digital marketing team monitoring our clients accounts to see how our work is performing, and based on this they will create plans for ongoing strategies. Our marketers and designers then spend time creating elements for campaigns: this could be social media posts and artwork, PPC ad text, new PPC campaigns, blog content for SEO, or new website pages and content.

Our web designers and developers also have an ongoing work diary of new websites to be designed and built. On top of this we often work with clients to brand (or re-brand) their companies, covering everything from logos, fonts and colours to tone of voice.

We also handle new business enquiries every day, taking briefs from clients who are interested in some or all of our services. Our team then work together to put together a proposal based on the client’s requirements and goals.

How has strategy changed at your digital agency during Covid-19?

Our priorities and strategy hasn’t fundamentally changed, but the way we work has had to adapt to the current climate. This has probably affected us internally more than it will have affected our clients, as of course Covid-19 has meant that we’ve all been working remotely. It has been strange going from being a tight-knit team who work closely together on every project to working alone from home: we haven’t seen our team mates in person for about a year now! To counteract this of course we are using Zoom, like everyone else in the world right now! We hold a weekly Monday meeting to discuss all our clients and accounts, any new business on the horizon, and any other news. We have also found Slack to be a really useful ‘virtual office’ for all our daily conversation and keeping everyone in the loop on client accounts.

Our focus has been very much on maintaining the excellence of our service in delivering effective digital strategies for our clients. We have also had to have a keen awareness of the current situation and how audiences may be feeling: our tone and messaging on behalf of our clients always has to strike the right chord. We are also becoming experts at changing messaging at the last minute due to frequent changes in government restrictions!

How has customer behaviour (or your clients’ customer behaviour) changed during the pandemic?

Every sector and client has been affected differently.
We have some clients in the health and fitness sector who have had to close their physical studios and clinics, so we have worked with them to try to find innovative home-based or virtual solutions to enable them to carry on providing their services.

We also have a number of clients in the food and beverage industry, and it’s obviously been a notoriously tough time for this sector. We work hard across channels such as social media and email to keep these clients in front of their customers, sharing genuinely interesting and useful content to keep their customers engaged.

Some of our ecommerce clients have continued to prosper during this time due to the ongoing need for online shopping.

We have been lucky that the majority of our clients have not paused their digital marketing activity. We have just had to adapt to the current climate and customer behaviours, rethink our strategies and test new channels.

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