6 of the Best Websites For Home Plans

, 6 of the Best Websites For Home Plans

6 of the Best Websites For Home Plans

Whether you’re building from scratch or modifying an existing home, knowing where to turn for quality home and floor plans will make the project easier.

You can hire an architect or work with a professional skilled in residential home design, but finding your dream floor plan is also something that’s easily accomplished online from the comfort of your (current) home.

Whether you want to act as your own general contractor or outsource the entire project, here are 6 of the best websites for finding your next home’s floor plan.



Architectural Designs

This award-winning company has been, “selling quality house plans for over 40 years,” and it shows in the variety and quality of house plans that are available. Architectural Designs features home plans from more than 200 architects and residential building designers, and their library of designs grows daily.

Builder House Plans

Easily browse home styles; collections based on region, size, building challenges, bedrooms, and more; or, use the advanced search option to filter plans by the features that matter most. This easy-to-use site even lets users customize a plan and provides building cost estimates based on zip code, foundation type, and other considerations.

Dream Home Source

Like similar websites, Dream Home Source offers the ability to search for home plans by style and collection. If you like the work of a particular designer, it’s also easy to search by individual designers who feature their work on the site.

House Plan Shop

This site’s design is clean and bold, making it easy to search plans by architecture style or via the quick search function that’s built into every page. To save favorites for later purchase, provide your email address to register for a free account.

The House Plans Guide

Whether you don’t want to pay for a home plan or want to have complete control of the final design, this website has an easy-to-follow course that teaches you how to analyze your property, plan the indoor and outdoor spaces, and more. It’s certainly a more hands-on process, but the final result is the ability to create a full set of blueprints.


If you’d prefer to try a more hands-on approach to home design, without creating the entire blueprint yourself, Floorplanner makes it easy to design interactive floorplans right from your computer. You can recreate existing floor plans, and the ability to drag furniture and other items into the floorplan makes this a useful tool to use when designing a home.

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