20 most popular Catholic Church websites for 2021

, 20 most popular Catholic Church websites for 2021

20 most popular Catholic Church websites for 2021

, 20 most popular Catholic Church websites for 2021

There are hundreds of Catholic websites all over the internet, if not thousands of them. Catholics surf the web in search of useful information and questions surrounding their faith. Others check for latest updates on what is going on in Catholic Church, Worldwide.

Here is a quick something. Although all of the sites are supposed to dole out the same information, some are privy to first-hand news, a particular kind of information, and are most independent websites with uninfluenced information. Our criteria for the best Catholic blogs are however based on the social metrics (popularity on social media) especially Facebook and twitter.

  • CNA (Catholic News Agency)

    The website www.catholicnewsagency.com has its head office in Denver, Colorado. The website is a hub for individuals seeking information about Catholic Church worldwide. The agency reports news from everywhere including the Vatican, Africa, Europe, Asia and even the Americas. On this website, you can get news free especially news about Pope John Paul II and his call for ‘new evangelization.’ The site is very popular among Catholics and has about 1.8million and 300,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter respectively.Its goals: It makes just one post every week that encompasses all the happenings around the church in a highly comprehensive manner.

    Popularity: 1,754,774 Facebook fans and 292,990 twitter followers.

  • Catholic.com

    catholic.com is a site built to help Catholics defend their faith by providing answers to every expected questions about Catholicism. Catholic Answers is a media ministry that serves Christ by explaining and defending the Catholic faith.

    Popularity: 1,298,694 Facebook fans and 48,900 twitter followers.

  • CNS (Catholic News Service)

    catholicnews.com is a website that boasts more than a million Facebook fans and another 150,000 on twitter. The head office is located in Washington DC and they only select the top stories to post each day. The site makes up to 9 posts per week and they have a worldwide coverage. Not only are their information in prints, but also in audio and video formats.
    Its goals: To report fully, fairly and freely on how the world is affected by the church today.

    Popularity: 1,028,563 Facebook fans and 151,667 twitter followers.

  • EWTN News

    ewtnnews.com was founded in Alabama (Birmingham precisely). This blog dedicates itself to the exposition of the truth as is prescribed by the Roman Catholic Church’s Magisterium. The main purpose of this agency is to help individuals discover the truth about Christ and Catholic Church and help them to grow in understanding and love of God’s word. The site has about 950,000 Facebook followers and 160,000 on Twitter.Its goals: It brings individuals into the light and creates a better understanding of God’s word.

    Popularity: 964,991 Facebook fans and 160,557 twitter followers

  • National Catholic Register

    National Catholic Register deals with breaking news and the analysis of its blog posts. This website doesn’t just post news but they also have a team who provide perspective to this information according to the judgment of the magisterium. Ncregister.com assists Catholics in building trust in the gospel of Jesus Christ.Its goals: It offers more than stories. It gives enlightenment and insight on these top stories. That is what we all want right?

    Popularity: 548,894 Facebook fans and 79,294 twitter followers.

  • Catholic Exchange

    Catholic Exchange is an American blog that strives to enrich everyone and strengthen their faith in the gospel spread by Catholic Church. Catholicexchange.com offers individuals who seek to establish a strong relationship with Christ, the necessary tools, and articles to help them grow spiritually.Its goals: It is the best turn if you wish to have a quiet time with God and grow in understanding and spirituality.

    Popularity: 408,064 Facebook fans and 20,894 twitter followers.

  • CatholicMatch Institute

    This website delves a little from the everyday Catholic news. It is a forum where Catholics who are single and legible for marriage can meet and hook up. The website is catholicmatch.com/institute. Its goals: It promotes disciplined catholic relationships between single and these relationships often lead to marriage. It is something extraordinary!

    Popularity: 347,247 Facebook fans and 4,470 twitter followers.

  • National Catholic Reporter

    The National Catholic Reporter is owners of the website, ncronline.org. The website’s main reporting pertains to the issues that have become a snag in Catholic Church and other justice issues.National Catholic Reporter helps Catholic faithful to connect to the church with prompt news as well as analysis while also helping them to reflect on their spiritual lives.Its goals: The site helps to tackle some of the pressing justice issues in Catholic Church worldwide independently.

    Popularity: 291,254 Facebook fans and 33,023 twitter followers.

  • Integrated Catholic Life

    This blog mainly focuses on how Catholics can combine their faith with work and family. They make up to 9 posts every week on their website integratedcatholiclife.org.
    The reason it was chosen: The site aims at helping Catholics be better people by applying the Catholic teachings in their family and workplace.

    Popularity: 763,073 Facebook fans and 8,190 twitter followers.

  • Zenith

    Zenit.org is the name of this website which was built in Rome. Its staff is a collection of professionals who believe in the Catholic faith and in the wisdom of the pope. Their coverage is mostly focused on the activities of the pope like his apostolic trips, meetings with statesmen and more.Its goals: Zenit.org helps individuals to find truth, beauty, and justice in the world via the Catholic faith.

    Popularity: 231,325 Facebook fans and 12,287 twitter followers.

  • Crux

    Another top Catholic blog with head office in Denver, CO. It focuses mainly on ethics of leading a Catholic life even if you are the least Catholic member or the pope himself. Cruxnow.com is where you will find any of such information. They make up to 56 posts every week.Its goals: On this site, it is correctly spelled out, what you need to be a Catholic and the governing laws of Catholicism.

    Popularity: 152,386 Facebook fans and 25,538 twitter followers.

  • Life Teen

    Life Teen is a blog that was created for teenagers and focuses especially with the Eucharist and the church.Its goals: The blog is geared at leading the young church to the love and light of Jesus Christ and to completely unveil the sacramental potency in young adults.

    Popularity: 94,564 Facebook fans and 38,520 twitter followers.

  • American Magazine

    If you want to find out the mindset of the average Catholic, then americamagazine.org is where it is spilled. All the world affairs and news that are served on this website are deliberated on and treated from the Catholic point of view. There would be quite much to keep you busy on this site as they make as much as 84 posts every week.Its goals: Not only does this site serve Catholics, it also serve readers worldwide who have the ability to employ reason in finding out and fixing world issues, although from a Catholic angle.

    Popularity: 66,267 Facebook fans and 41,616 twitter followers.

  • Catholic Herald

    The agency is one of Britain’s biggest Catholic magazine. It keeps individuals up to date with breaking news from Britain’s largest Catholic newspaper.Its goals: catholicherald.co.uk feeds you with some of the freshest information and news in Catholic Church, worldwide.

    Popularity: 38,037 Facebook fans and 56,068 twitter followers.

  • Fr. Z’s Blog

    This is a blog that teaches the undiluted gospel of Christ and the purpose of human life. This blog helps people cope with the difficulties that Catholics face and teaches them the path to heaven.Its goals: The life of Fr. John Zulhsdorf is mostly featured on this blog as well as commentaries on issues surrounding the Catholic Church.

    Popularity: 6,159 Facebook fans and 40,272 twitter followers.

  • Crisis Magazine

    This site (www.crisismagazine.com) is all about business, politics, and faith, all viewed from the eyes of Catholicism. This website throws its weight around and drops at least 10 new posts every week.Its goals: It has three main goals; to equip Catholics with wisdom, to evangelize to non-Catholics and to defend and uphold the magisterium of the church (Catholic Church).

    Popularity: 25,783 Facebook fans and 13,716 twitter followers.

  • Catholic Mom

    www.catholicmom.com is a site that was built to celebrate Catholic moms and their efforts in society building via raising responsible and catholic-minded individuals who pay attention to love, purity and family and fun from a Catholic point of view.Its goals: It encourages a closely-knit family relationship and relationship with others.

    Popularity: 27,581 Facebook fans and 1,631 twitter followers.

  • CWR (Catholic World Report)

    CWR is a website whose stories are articles are all viewed from a Catholic perspective. Everything happening in the Catholic world is covered and sometimes issues nagging at the secular world are being treated.Catholicworldreport.com makes the list because it creates an awareness to all Catholics all over the world.

    Popularity: 21,662 Facebook fans and 4,552 twitter followers.

  • OnePeterFive (onepeterfive.com)

    This website is a forum which is seen as the medium for rebuilding and revitalizing the Catholic culture. There are few problems or issues concerning the Catholic culture on new generations but this website offers solutions.Its goals: It is a site worthy of note because of its efforts in revitalizing the liturgy and keeping the old devotions of the Catholic Church strong and unwavering.

    Popularity: 14,571 Facebook fans and 7,857 twitter followers.

  • Catholic World News

    This agency’s website is catholicculture.org/news. Here you can get as many as 56 posts per week on how the Catholic Church is trying to shape the lives of Christians living in a secular world.Its goals: The website tries to encourage individuals not to sway in their faith.

    Popularity: 13,824 Facebook fans and 2,606 twitter followers.

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