101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

We live in a time where you can conduct the entirety of your business entirely from your couch. From start to finish. What’s not to love?

For some, online sales provide supplementary income in addition to the main job they do. For others, it’s become a full time job. What both cases have in common is, that they both leverage the undeniable benefits of selling digital products.

Here are some benefits of selling digital products online:

  • They’re infinitely scalable – you’re never limited to how many products can sell. The sky’s the limit!
  • You don’t worry about logistics – where to keep stock, how to package your products, and making sure that they get shipped out on time are all problems that physical product sellers have, that digital product sellers don’t have to deal with.
  • Low upfront costs – the barrier to entry is low when selling digital products. It doesn’t demand much of an upfront investment as you don’t have to invest in stock or manufacturing

The biggest question that often stops those who are looking to create their online business is – what to sell?

So if you’ve decided to give digital product sales a go, but can’t think of a great niche product that’s perfect for you, then this list of digital products to sell is the only thing you need.

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

We’ve put together a giant list of 101 digital products you can sell, divided it into different categories for easier browsing. Use this as a source of inspiration, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box and come up with your own unique spin on a product to sell.

Regardless of what you’re selling, whether online or off, the key is to always provide value. If what you have to offer (in the way you package it), is of value to others, you can sell it. With that in mind, here are 101 ideas of products you can sell online that are guaranteed to bring value to a niche audience.


Self-publishing has become a modern-day reality, letting anyone with anything to offer the world the ability to make it available online (and sell it, too!). Put words into documents, be it an ebook or a PDF, and turn words into value.

Sell ebooks if you’ve always wanted to be a writer, but didn’t quite know how to get published. Writing an ebook gives you unlimited possibilities, since you don’t need to worry about distribution (so much). All you need is an idea, your trusty computer, a writing nook where you feel comfortable, yet inspired, and the world wide web.

Here’s why ebooks are great: they’re easily consumable, they’re great for building business credibility, and they can generate income through content. Include affiliate links in your ebook or use the text as a sort of long-form sales letter for your other products, courses, services, etc.

Besides, ebooks are a great way to bring in leads. Distribute the ebook for free in exchange for website visitor’s email. The best part is, they’re easy to make. Take a look at these ebook templates by Venngage to get you started.

Or if you’re more into journalism, sell magazines. You can create your own digital issue on whatever topic you find interesting. Take WLA Landscape Architecture, for example, a bimonthly landscape architecture magazine publishing projects from across the world.

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

  1. Ebook – non-fiction
  2. Ebook – fiction
  3. Poetry book
  4. Ecommerce product descriptions
  5. Copywriting templates (ex. How to fire a client, how to raise prices)
  6. Recipe books
  7. Document templates
  8. Reports/analytics templates
  9. Email campaign templates (upselling, cross-selling, re-engagement, etc.)
  10. Creative brief samples/templates
  11. Academic research, papers, findings
  12. Magazines
  13. Writing cover letters
  14. Dispute letters (with banks, attorneys, clients, etc.)


Thanks to the ability to store and send audio digitally through MP3s and other formats, we’re able to sell audio content online. Thanks to the demand in audio, there’s a market for it.

Take DECAP, for example, who have made his drum kits available online.

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

Do you have experience in the music production field? Or perhaps you think you know what it takes to make a great beat?

Then sell beats online. This line of business does indeed need investment, since you’ll be needing specific sound equipment to record. At the same time, it’s not so much about the tools, as it is about knowing how to use them. Some knowledge in music theory might help, but other than that – have your own style, get into mixing, and start making that music.

The same applies if you want to sell songs online. It’s one thing if you’re a well-known musician who’s selling out shows and bringing in hard-earned revenue from streaming services.

But most likely – you’re no Rihanna or Coldplay (yet). So if you’re a musician who’s just still waiting to be discovered by Usher, selling songs as stock music is a great way to earn some extra cash on the side. TV shows, videos, and the film industry are constantly on the look-out for fresh tunes to use in the projects. What’s great about it – if you’re a musician, you’ve already got the skills and the team to create the product they need.

Keep in mind that successful stock music maintains a consistent emotion or tone. So if you’re starting the song as indy folk tune, end it that way, too. Focus on short 20-30 second pieces with an intro, body, and conclusion or a repetitive loop that can be used in the background.

Forms of audio you can sell online:

  1. Songs
  2. Beats
  3. Jingles
  4. Ringtones
  5. Sound effects
  6. Voice overs (as a service)
  7. Instrumental tracks


Video content has become a powerful tool to deliver messages online. It’s an engaging form of content with 8 billion video views per day – on Facebook alone. So it’s not difficult to imagine why video is one of the best digital products to sell.

Video is a great form of storytelling that makes information more understandable. Marketers incorporate videos into their strategies as much as possible. So it’s not by chance that video will account for 79% of global Internet traffic by 2020.

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

There are plenty of other important reasons to sell videos online. Here are several of them:

  • Video content is highly in demand while being a product that involves a high learning curve to master.
  • Video attaches visuals to the learning process – and people are constantly looking to acquire new knowledge.
  • Minimal front-end costs – there’s no shipping and no inventory. Also, the risk is incredibly low, making videos a great option for a beginner entrepreneur.

So if you feel comfortable with video, you’re in the position to help out a lot of people who are willing to pay in return.

VFXnut is taking advantage by the rising popularity of Youtube channels, by offering specific video elements and bundles for YouTubers who don’t have the skills to do it themselves.

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

Here are a few more ways you can leverage your video skills online:

  1. Sell short films (entertainment)
  2. Video animation intros
  3. Stock video
  4. Video tutorials (ex. How to use a DSLR camera, follow along yoga, learn to code, edit a vlog, etc.)
  5. Professionally edited short videos as a service(wedding, travel, etc.)
  6. Documentary
  7. Stand-up comedy
  8. Deluts


Design has become a heavily digitized industry, while simultaneously being in demand and dependant on knowledge and use of expensive tools and good taste. That makes for the perfect skill set to sell online.

Take Pixel Bazaar, for example, who sells icons online. Learn about how he made $5000 from two icon bundles within his first year of selling.

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

Sell logo design if you want to combine using your creativity with making money. There are many online and physical businesses that require a strong visual identity, which means – the demand for logos is ever-growing.

From the practical side of things, logos are comparatively fast to make, especially if you already have some experience in that field. It’s a win-win.

Another great idea, especially if you have strong storytelling skills, is to sell comics. If you’re one of those people who grew up with an impressive comics collection, this could be the way to go since you’re already familiar with this kind of design. Besides, selling comics lets you use an abundance of skills. You’ll get to create a storyline, the layout, practice drawing, work with lettering, etc.

Here are more ideas of what you can create and sell online with design skills:

  1. Wallpapers
  2. Posters/prints
  3. Emojis/bitmojis
  4. Fonts
  5. Photoshop/illustrator templates
  6. Branding services
  7. Photoshop services (airbrushing, touch ups, etc.)
  8. Logo design
  9. Business card design
  10. Infographic design
  11. Turn images into vector files
  12. Powerpoint / Keynote presentation templates
  13. Printout origami
  14. Printable colouring book pages
  15. 3D models
  16. VR/AR templates
  17. 3D printer design files
  18. Icon sets
  19. Animations
  20. Wedding invitation templates
  21. CGI models
  22. Comics
  23. Printable calendars
  24. Printable journals


Photography can turn out to be an expensive hobby, but it’s possible to turn it into an income generator as well.

For example, sell LUTs (look-up tables) if you have a knack for “freshening up” videos and photos. A LUT is a mathematical way of updating RGB values to creatively mimic a certain “feel” or “vibe”. Basically – using LUTs improves film and photography quality, while saving time. So if you’ve previously received compliments on how cinematic your photos or videos look, you can definitely turn this into a business option.

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

Take Benjamin Lambinet of IWLTBAP did for example, whose made his LUTs (Lookup tables) available for purchase.

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

Here are just a few ways you can start selling your photography skills online:

  1. Lightroom/photoshop presets
  2. Mockup images
  3. Stock photos
  4. LUTs (Lookup Tables)

IT and tech:

It’s commonly known that IT and tech jobs are lucrative. Transfer those jobs to the online sales realm, and you’re in good shape to develop an income based on online sales.

Take, VSKYLAB, for example, who have developed an entire line of addons for specific flight simulators:

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

This goes to show that you can really create digital products for things outside the box, based on your interests and skills. And with the right kind of online store, you’ll be able to sell software online with close to no hassle.

If you’re into website design, turn your work into the product and sell web templates. Putting your designs online can get you anywhere from $500 to $30,000 a month. The good news is – there are nearly 2 billion websites online at the moment, and the number is growing by the second. With every page needing its own unique look, there’s definitely a niche for everyone.

Or are you into game development? With the widespread adoption of smartphones, it’s become easier for small developers to sell video games online. Creating mobile games might be your pick if you’re not ready for up-front investment into hardware (something that both PC and console gaming require).

  1. Apps
  2. Games
  3. Browser plugins
  4. Website themes (WordPress, for example, powers 60% of the internet’s CMSs)
  5. Setup for online stores, blogs, websites
  6. Selling domains
  7. Hosting
  8. Zapier templates
  9. Code snippets

Your time/knowledge:

If you are very knowledgeable in certain topics, chances are there are people who want to learn from you. There are many ways to facilitate this sort of knowledge transfer online. At the same time, there are plenty of ways to sell your time online. Here are some ways you can do that.

Eli Prinsen is a vocal trainer, who has begun to offer vocal lessons online. Why limit yourself to typical in-person lessons, when we have all of the technologies available at hand?

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

There are so many more ways to leverage your skills to sell online. Here are some of them:

  1. Language lessons
  2. Financial consultations
  3. Financial planning
  4. Coaching/mentoring sessions
  5. Tutoring
  6. Resume touchups
  7. Essay-writing services
  8. Translations
  9. Social media marketing
  10. User testing
  11. Proofreading
  12. Editing
  13. Audits (accounting audits, content audits, etc.)
  14. Career consultations


And then there are the things that don’t belong in a category but are viable products to sell online. It just goes to show, the sky’s the limit.

Say, you’ve got the wisdom on a subject, but you don’t want the one-on-one communication that you get when teaching lessons.

In that case, sell courses online. Package your knowledge into a pre-made product that people can download online. The difference from online lessons is that you don’t need to be there personally.

So what is it that you need to sell courses online?

Start by creating valuable content on a subject you know a lot about. Try to give it a special spin so that you stand out among all the other online mentors – there’s definitely plenty out there! Say, you’re a barista who can make mean latte art, as well as love porcupines. Use that skill, and create your latte art training course that teaches porcupine drawings. Cute and unique.

What’s even better – there’s plenty of course formats, so pick a form that lets you use your other creative skills. If you’re great at public speaking, create courses on YouTube. If you’re better at the written word, pass on your knowledge in the form of an ebook course.

Take these health and self-love courses, for example.

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020

  1. Courses – of any and all kinds
  2. Sewing patterns
  3. Knitting patterns
  4. Architectural plans
  5. Nutrition plans
  6. Meal-prep plans
  7. Workout plans
  8. Custom vacation/travel planning
  9. Virtual assisting
  10. Worksheets (educational curriculum ideas)
  11. Paid newsletters
  12. Woodworking instructions – step-by-step tutorials
  13. Custom beauty/style/skincare consultations
  14. Drawing lessons – step-by-step
  15. Board game printouts
  16. Astrology readings
  17. Car/equipment repair manuals
  18. Meditation/subliminal programs
  19. Stock market analysis software
  20. Minecraft skins/renders
  21. Painting tutorials

Taking the leap is the hardest part

Starting to sell products online may be daunting, but deciding on the product is the hardest part – it just gets easier from here. All it takes it choosing a product from this list, putting together the digital assets, and then launching your store.

So whether you’re looking to create some supplementary income, or launch a full-fledged online business, you’ve come to the right place. Good luck to you!

, 101 Profitable Digital Products You Can Sell Online in 2020


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