10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021
, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

Feb 05, 2021• Proven solutions

Without any doubt, YouTube is the leading platform for streaming or creation of free videos online.

YouTube videos are viewed by millions of users on a daily basis and commented upon. Being the best online videos website, YouTube keeps adding bulk content and continues to increase the active user base every day. 

However, with the changes in the YouTube guidelines without any prior notices and the appearance of toxic videos, many people are unhappy. A large segment of the unsatisfied users searches for sites like YouTube or alternative video sharing sites that can provide them with parallel content. 

In this article, we round up 10 best video sites for you to share and upload videos online.

Below is a comparison table of the 10 popular video sites like YouTube. Take a look.

Dailymotion Metacafe MySpace Vine Vimeo Hulu Netflix Twitch Mixer Vevo
Lauguage Multilingual English Multilingual Multilingual Multilingual English Multilingual Multilingual Multilingual English
Founded March 15, 2005 in France July 2003 in America August 1, 2003 in America January 24, 2013 in America November 2004 in New York March 2007 in America August 29, 1997 in America June 6, 2011 in America January 5, 2016 in America December 8, 2009 in America
Alexa ranking 134 20377 4244 / 139 201 24 707 2750 /

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, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021 , 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

Part 1: 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube

1. Dailymotion

Founded: March 15, 2005 in France

Price: free

Dailymotion is one of the popular online video websites like Youtube that has a similar interface. Dailymotion receives an approx footfall of 112 million visitors per month. On the homepage, you can search for the trending videos or discover more by searching at the top search bar or in the categories section. The video length can be 60 minutes and size can go up to 4GB with 1080p resolution while uploading content in Dailymotion. 

It is one of the best free video websites with an outstanding gateway for content sharing across the globe.


  • Includes various channels you can follow: NBA, artist, bible and more
  • The hot topic is a section that is liked by many people
  • It likes YouTube that has intuitive interface

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

2. Metacafe

Founded: July 2003 in America

Price: free

It is amongst the best short form 90 seconds video sites. Metcafe is a free video site that offers fast and precise how-to guides, product reviews, and funny content. From movies, music, and tv content to video games and sports content providers are partnering with the company to offer short-form content.


  • It is a video website like YouTube can share video to others
  • You can choose playback quality
  • The video are interesting and funny

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

3. MySpace

Founded: August 1, 2003 in America

Price: free

MySpace is one of the online video websites that is mostly remembered as the precursor to Facebook during the mid-2000s.

Presently, it has turned to be one of the sites like YouTube and focus on videos. You can find great celebrity interview-based content in some locations which is unusual. Apart from that, MySpace also features action sports stars and musical acts.


  • There are so many video that are about stars
  • You also can find music here
  • You can sign in with Facebook account

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

4. 9GAG

Founded: July 1, 2008 in Hong Kong

Price: free

9GAG is a website that is filled with funny videos. Even its slogan is “Go Fun The World”. There are six sections: trending, funny, fresh, NSFW, WTF,anime. You just need to directly go to funny section if you like interesting stuff and it is also the key message that 9GAG are trying to express. The videos are “How The Puppets From Wes Anderson’s Movie “Isle Of Dogs” Were Made”, or “Sounds That Every 90s Kid Will Remember And Nostalgic For”. 

You can see it is very interesting. Note: don’t watch it when you are working, or you won’t stop watching.


  • This popular websites are all about funny video
  • The videos are updated regularly like YouTube

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

5. Vimeo

Founded: November 2004 in New York

Price: free, $7/month, $20/month, $50/month, $75/month

Vimeo is a creative platform, encouraging various artists, cinematographers, filmmakers, photography professionals and other artistic mavens to share their work through this dais. It is one of the best HD video websites that hosts a range of high-quality content. Enjoying the 4K Ultra HD visual content with HDR without any ads around makes your video viewing experience out of the world. 

It comes with a clean interface with easy search categories. The less distraction element’s background with complete focus on video is one of the best features of this video sharing site.


  • This site only focus high quality video
  • It likes YouTube that users come to this site very often
  • It is liked by indie filmmakers

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

6. Hulu

Founded: March 2007 in America

Price: $7.99/month, $39.99/month

Hulu can also be accessed with a slow internet connection and viewed in 360p. You can find several popular video clips from popular movies and TV shows. The new series is also available with new episodes featuring up to a week post the telecast. Hulu is one of the sites like YouTube that can only be accessed by US residents.


  • If you like streaming video site, this is the best one for you
  • You always can find hot TV shows

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

7. Netflix

Founded: August 29, 1997 in America

Price: lowest price $7.99/month

Netflix is the standard streaming bearer with a solid video selection of all times. Netflix supports 4K content and allows concurrent HD streaming video watching experience to two persons at the same time from the same account. You can also download the content and view it offline.


  • It looks like Hulu, you cna subscribe TV shows
  • The movie and video quality is high

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

8. Twitch

Founded: June 6, 2011 in America

Price: free

The evolution of gaming has been massive. No other place offers you the range of gaming that Twitch does. It is one of the most popular online video websites that offer to stream as well as watching services for your favorite game broadcasts. It is amongst free video sites that have expanded into music, talk shows, and even TV series, apart from gaming. For a live experience in gaming, turn to Twitch. 

From setting up your own gaming channel to watching how others are playing, Twitch gives you a complete gaming experience.


  • Like YouTube, there so many game videos
  • The game videos updated fastly

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

9. Mixer

Founded: January 5, 2016 in America

Price: free

Owned by Microsoft, Mixer is a gaming platform that offers an interactive feature where you can watch the games as well as play alongside the players. It allows the broadcaster to give control to the user viewing the game. You can almost watch the players in real-time, unlike the other platforms where there around 10-20 seconds latency.


  • If you are a Windows users, this one fits well with your system
  • The video quality is like YouTube

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

10. Vevo

Founded: December 8, 2009 in America

Price: free

You can watch the music videos for free in Vevo. From making your own playlist to of your most liked videos just by creating an account to liking the videos, Vevo is one of the best music online video websites. The Vevo curators bring to you top videos, new releases, featured playlists, and music from all genres to offer you a vast range of musical experience. Check more music video apps.


  • It is designed for music lovers
  • The music video quality is so much high

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

Part 2: FAQ about Video Websites Like YouTube

1. What is the best video sharing site?

A few years back, sharing a video was a tough job. But these days, sharing videos is a child’s play.

No matter if you want to share videos with your friends or you want to share it with large, various video websites offer you the option of sharing. The best site that helps in video sharing is YouTube.

With the YouTube video site, you can share videos publicly as well as privately. The platform is pretty easy to use, and thus, even a novice can share videos easily without facing any issue.

So share awesome videos with the world’s largest online video sharing platform.

2. What are video sites?

Video sites are online platforms that help people share their online videos with people and the world at large.

The video websites help you to create videos with a digital device so that you can share it with people all around the world. Different video sites have made creation and uploading videos easy for people.

An example of a video site can be YouTube, which allows people to upload videos as well as share the uploaded video with people.

Video sites offer one of the best entertainment sources in this era of digitalization.

3. Will YouTube ever die?

With more than 500 hours of content uploaded on YouTube every minute, there seems no possibility of YouTube ever dying.

This video website has gained prominence since the time Google took over the company in 2006, and since then, this video site has only seen an upward curve of success.

More than 2 billion users and millions of creators, there are zero chances of YouTube dying any soon.

YouTube is presently the eBay video sharing platform in the world, and people spend an average of 40 minutes every day watching Videos.

With its popularity, it is pretty impossible even to imagine the possibility of the end of YouTube.


When we think of video site, we can’t help but think of YouTube. Of course, YouTube is the most popular video site in the world but the above-mentioned video websites are also equally good with great content. Try out and enjoy the free video sites for an amazing video watching experience. 

If you want to make video for video site, here we recommend using Filmora9. It is the best video editor to apply various title/text templates, royalty free music and filters. 

Download it now to have a try!

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021 , 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

, 10 Best Video Websites Like YouTube in 2021

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